San Ignacio – Pacific Gray Whales

San Ignacio – Pacific Gray Whales

There is a legendary lagoon on the Pacific coast of Baja Mexico that is spoken of in hushed whispers, where gray whales finish an 11,000 mile migration from the Bering Sea and Alaska to mate and calve each year.
The gray whales here are uniquely curious and interactive, allowing for close-up, intimate encounters with these gentle giants and their newborn calves.
This is San Ignacio Lagoon, one of only 4 mating and birthing lagoons in the world, with the highest concentration of sociable whales, and the only lagoon still untouched by human development.

San Ignacio - Pacific Gray Whales

4 days of virtually unlimited whale watching

With a private charter flight from Cabo San Lucas, it has never been easier to arrive at San Ignacio for 3 nights of fully catered glamping and virtually unlimited whale encounters.

Upgrade your Glamping Adventure with our One Week Package Extension when completing your booking: 3 days San Ignacio Lagoon + local diving in Cabo + 4 days hotel + 1 day Sea of Cortez!

Your adventure starts with an 8 am 2 hour charter flight from Cabo San Lucas to the Lagoon. The airstrip is located right at our beach camp and we will be waiting with your glass of champagne and ready to whisk you straight out for your first whale watching encounter.

Returning to Cabo 1:30 pm. after a last morning of whale watching.

Please come by See Creatures for a visit when you get into Cabo and take advantage of a complimentary humpback whale watching adventure, complimentary Backscatter photo workshop or join us pre-trip to swim with whale sharks in the Sea of Cortez or visit Cabo Pulmo.

 Outfitter Tent (self-arrival)

Classic outfitter tents with twin or modified queen beds. Beautiful linen, rug, chandelier. Adirondack chairs on your porch. Hot tub and fire pit nearby. SHARED TOILET AND SHOWER.

Glamping Tent

Top of the line weather haven tents with private ensuite toilet and shower. Internet access. Twin or modified queen beds. Beautiful linen, rug, chandelier. Adirondack chairs on your porch. Hot tub and fire pit nearby.

Additional Stay

Why not stay in a luxury hotel before or after your whale watching holiday with a few nights in Cabo San Lucas? Take a day trip to the Sea of Cortez to snorkel with sea lions and whale
sharks, or book a day dive with our See Creatures Dive Center. Extend your trip and join one of our Liveaboard Dive sailings to Socorro or Guadalupe. Or, relax by the pool and enjoy some sun at one of our partner resorts.


Sample Itinerary

PLEASE NOTE: THAT YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DIVE OR SNORKEL WITH WHALES DUE TO LOCAL LAWS! Why not add on a few days snorkelling or a one week liveaboard at the beginning or end of your trip?

3 nights / 4 day trip

We recommend arriving in Cabo San Lucas the day before your tripor earlier if you would like to spend a few days enjoying the sun!
*Itinerary is subject to the vagaries of big animals, weather and mother ocean!

Day 1: Arrival to San Ignacio

Welcome! Bienvenidos! We will collect you directly from your Cabo Hotel at approximately 7am for a morning transfer to the Cabo San Lucas
airport. Our private Cessna charter aircraft makes the 2 hour flight up to remote San Ignacio a breeze!
You will be welcomed by our hostesses with mimosas and can settle into your comfortable tent accommodations. Take part in a safety briefing
with your guides, and we will get you right out onto the water for the main event: gray whales! Get ready to watch out for spouts!
Following your first whale encounters, you will return to camp for dinner and an interactive Whale ID or natural history session with our guides.
Watch the spectacular sunsets over the lagoon, grab a cold drink from the bar, and enjoy stargazing and the blissful silence surrounding our remote camp.

Day 2-3: Whales, Whales, Whales!

Whale watching to your heart’s content! We will start our 90-minute whale watching sessions at 8am and continue through sunset. You can expect to join 3-4 sessions per day depending on capacity restrictions at the lagoon.
Our goal is to get the most out of this once in a lifetime experience with these incredible cetaceans. Accompanied by our knowledgeable guides, watch them roll, breach, spyhop, and tend to their young. You may even get the chance to stroke these incredible creatures. In your downtime, you can take out one of our kayaks for a paddle on the calm lagoon waters or explore the shoreline tide pools, watching out for the diverse bird life in the surrounding mangroves. Our attentive staff will assure you are served delicious, fresh meals and have everything you need

Day 4: Departure

All good things must come to an end. Following breakfast, their private charter plane will return to Cabo San Lucas at 10:30 am, with an arrival time around 12:30 pm. We recommend scheduling your departure flight no earlier than 6:00 pm.

Will I see gray whales on this trip?

You can expect up close and personal interactions with Pacific gray whales! San Ignacio Lagoon is also home to a variety of bird species including nesting ospreys and egrets.

What kind of camping accommodations can I expect?

Standard tents are safari-style with adjustable twin beds or 1 king bed.
The Superior Suite tents are Weatherhaven tents with flooring and attached private head and shower, offering 2 twin beds or 1 king bed.
Premium Tents are more spacious with a private sitting area. We have a central palapa that hosts the dining area, bar, and lounge, as well as our nightly natural history sessions.

What can I do in my free time?

We have kayaks available in camp for you to take out for a paddle on the calm lagoon waters. You can take a walk to explore the pristine shoreline and tidal pools. Birders will love to check out the local avian population. Relax at camp with a book or have a cold drink at the bar.

How much time will I spend with the whales?

We strive to offer 3 to 4 90-minute whale watching sessions on Day 2 and 3 in camp. On arrival day, 1 to 2 90-minute trips can be expected.

Can I touch the whales?

Gray whales in San Ignacio are known to regularly approach our pangas to be stroked. If the whales approach, you are welcome to interact with them!

What is included in the trip price?

Comfortable, fully catered camping with provided bed linens and towels. Non-alcoholic beverages, guide service, washrooms with flushing toilets and showers, biodegradable toiletries, 2-4 whale watching excursions per day, battery charging station.

What is NOT included in the trip price?

Reserve and airport landing fee of $35 USD per person, alcoholic beverages, single occupancy (25% surcharge), and if you think the service is deserving, crew gratuities – typically between $250-300 USD per person

How much luggage can I bring with me?

There is a per passenger limit of 10kg/22lb on our private charter aircraft. If you are a photographer and will be carrying equipment, please contact us for options. If you will require luggage storage in Cabo San Lucas for your excess bags, please contact us for arrangements.

Can you accommodate special dietary requirements?

Yes! With 30 days notice, we can provide delicious vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

What will the weather be like?

Average daily high temperatures are 20-25°C (79-86°F) with nightly lows cooling down to 8-10°C (48-52°F). Precipitation is very minimal. Plan to wear layers as you will be exposed to sun and wind on the boat, and cooler temperatures and windy conditions at night in camp.

What should I pack?

Comfortable clothes for camp (cotton t-shirts and long sleeve shirts, shorts or pants), windbreaker, a sweater for cool nights in camp, sleepwear, water-friendly sandals, tennis shoes, flashlight, reusable water bottle, insect repellent, your camera, hat, sunblock, personal medicines.

Optional: binoculars,

There are no ATM’s in San Ignacio so please bring all necessary cash.