Professional PADI Scuba Diving Courses

Become a Professional Recreational Scuba Diver

Live the Life

For many people scuba diving is a lifechanging event. We have people from all walks of life who’ve decided that they wish to continue their adventure and become a PADI professional. Some of our ex-students now teach for us in the UK, one lives in Mexico, another on the Great Barrier Reef and an ex-Managing Director has packed his bags from his hectic London life and has now set up his own dive school up in Cornwall. Other divers that come to us to becore professional divers do it so as they love helping others and wish to make themselves better divers.

PADI Divemaster Course

The first step on the professional ladder is the Divemaster course. This teaches you to become a dive guide and once completed allows you to teach ReActivate and Skin Diver courses. The course can be completed as quickly or slowly as you like depending on your circumstances.

PADI Instructor and Assistant Instructor Development Courses

Once you’ve become a PADI Divemaster then you can now learn to become a PADI Open Water Scuba Diving Instructor, or an Assistant Instructor. Our courses are run over several weekends so don’t need to interfere with your day to day life. As a PADI Instructor you get the opportunity to teach diving around the world.

As a professional PADI Instructor you will be able to teach Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Emergency First Response, Rescue Diver and Divemaster courses. With an extra weekends tuition with our PADI Course Director then you can be signed off to teach 5 diving speacialties, teach 25 open water or higher courses and you can be signed off as a ‘Master Scuba Diver Trainer’.

PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course

The IDC Staff Instructor Course means that you step up in to the realms of teaching divers to become Instructors. You’ll learn how to teach to the Assistant Instructor course and how to evaluate Instructor candidates.

We run several courses a year with our PADI Course Director, please get in touch for details.