PADI Junior Advanced Open Water Course

PADI Junior Advanced Open Water Diver Course

DATES: PADI advanced open water courses run every month and are completed in one weekend.

PRICE: £345

Minimum age: 12 years old

Please also see our PADI course packages.

LOCATIONS: Mercers Lake (Saturday) and St. Andrews (Sunday)


The PADI Junior Advanced Open Water Course UK builds on the skills you learnt during your junior open water course. It provides adventure, fun and lets you try out different types of dives, making it one of the most exciting dive courses you can do. You’ll complete 5 adventure dives over the weekend that will make you a better, more controlled diver which should make you safer, more comfortable and confident in the water.

You don’t need to be an “advanced” diver to start the advanced open water course at our dive centre as it is designed so that you can go straight into it after your PADI Junior Open Water course.

Under the direct supervision of one of our professional PADI dive instructors you will complete a PADI advanced open water deep dive deep dive, learn to navigate and complete three additional adventure dives such as dry suit, underwater photography, drift dive off a boat, full face mask, peak performance buoyancy, wreck dive and SMB.

Once you’ve completed the PADI advanced open water course, you will be a qualified PADI junior advanced open water diver. This means you can safely dive around the world to 21m until you turn 15. Once you turn 15 years old, you will automatically graduate to a full Advanced Open Water Diver, and be qualified to dive to 30m, though should do your first deep dive with a PADI professional. You will have this qualification for life. This opens up a whole new world of dive sites that are out of the reach of open water divers.


What’s Included in the Course

If you’re wondering about the cost of PADI junior advanced open water certification and what’s included, check out our affordable PADI advanced open water costs below:

  • 5  Adventure Dives with a professional PADI Instructor
  • Equipment hire including fins, boots, BCD, Regulators, 7mm wetsuit, Tank, weights and dive computer
  • PADI e-learning pack
  • PADI Certification fee
  • Dry suit hire in winter months (December to April)

Not included in the price is transportation, entry to the lakes  (£15-20 per day), additional air fills at £5 each and food and drinks.


Complete the Course with Your Choice of Adventure Dive

One reason you’ll love the Advanced Open Water Diver course is that you and your instructor choose from several types of Adventure Dives to complete your course. You can try your hand at digital underwater photography, diving on a wreck, peak performance buoyancy and much more.

Each Adventure Dive in the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is credited towards the first dive of the corresponding PADI Specialty Diver course. Complete 5 Specialties and you could become a MASTER SCUBA DIVER.


The Junior Advanced Open Water Dive Sites

Our Advanced Open Water course is conducted at Mercers Lake on  the Saturday and St. Andrews on Sunday.

Mercers Lake is a very safe inland lake specifically for scuba divers. It is relatively shallow so is perfect for practicing learning to use a dry suit, fine tuning your buoyancy and learning to navigate.

St. Andrews is a deep inland dive sites and can be dived all year round and in all weather conditions.


What You Learn on the PADI Junior Advanced Open Water Dive Course

The knowledge and skills you get in the Junior Advanced Open Water Diver course vary with your interest and the adventures you have, but include:

  • Practical aspects of deep diving
  • Physiological effects of deeper scuba diving.
  • More ways to use your underwater compass
  • How to navigate using kick-cycles, visual landmarks and time
  • How to better use your dive computer and electronic Recreational Dive PlannerTM (eRDPTM)

Learn these PADI advanced open water skills and much more, depending on the Adventure Dives you choose.

The Scuba Gear You Use for the Junior Advanced Open Water PADI Course

You use all the basic scuba gear including an underwater compass. Depending on which three adventure dives we choose, you may also try out underwater photography equipment, dry suit, lift bags, a dive flag/float or other specialty gear.

The Learning Materials You Need for Your Junior Advanced Open Water Course

PADI’s Adventures in Diving Online Manual provides you with information on more than 16 types of specialty diving. You’ll use them as a guidebook to improve your diving skills and prepare for new experiences and adventures. For an additional fee you can sign up to the e-learning course – please call us for details.

The Junior Advanced Open Water Course is the Start of an Adventure

After you’ve tried a specialty in the Advanced Open Water Diver course, you’ll probably want to take the complete some specialty courses and learn even more:

  • Boat diving
  • Drift diving
  • Dry suit diving
  • Night diving
  • Peak performance buoyancy
  • Search and recovery
  • Naturalist
  • Navigation
  • Photography
  • Underwater videography
  • Wreck diving

Others prefer to go on to complete their Junior Rescue Diver course where they learn about preventing problems and what to do if an emergency arises.