HSE Media Diving Pre-Qualifications

To become an HSE Media Diver you first need to undertake the following qualifications:

  • Open Water – online theory, c.5 hours in the pool on a weekend, and 2 days at our lake near Redhill.
  • Advanced Open Water – online theory + 2 days in open water
  • Rescue Diver – online theory (allow 10-12 hours) and 2 days practical in our Redhill lake
  • EFR First Aid at work – We only teach the standard one day course so you are better doing this with St Johns Ambulance.
  • O2 Specialist – a few hours of online theory and the practical can be combined with the Rescue Diver course, or you can come into the office.
  • Dry suit – 1 day or combine with Advanced weekend

Stand Out from the Crowd

To gain some experience to make you a safer and more experienced diver we also include 4 days (8 dives) of “fun diving at the lake”. This includes equipment hire but not entry fees or air fills.

The official British Stunt Register (BSR) full requirements.

Mercers lake

Package Price

The total price is £1,550, a saving of £200.

The package includes training, materials, equipment hire and certification fees for:

  • Open Water
  • Advanced Open Water
  • Rescue Diver
  • EFR First Aid
  • O2 Specialist

    Prices exclude entry fees to lake(s), air fills, transportation and subsistence.

HSE Diving Medicals

Once you have completed the courses above, you are almost ready to start your HSE Diving Media course. You will also need to get an HSE diving at work medical, for our HSE medicals we tend to use http://www.ukoffshoremedicals.co.uk/ and https://www.hyperdive.co.uk/

Camera lense

Where can you take your HSE Media Diving Course?

The two companies we tend to recommend are:
Bristol Channel Diving

We are happy to liaise with them on your behalf should you wish us to do so.