British Stunt Performer Trainee Diver Courses

Jump straight in to your Stunt Career with the UK’s Premier 5-star IDC Centre

We have worked with many people in the past training to work in the British Stunt industry. Scuba Diving is one of the most exciting and rewarding specialties you can undertake as part of your training. You’ll learn to breath underwater, become weightless, see intoxicating colours, visit some fantastic destinations, and meet some truly inspirational and fun people along the way.

Whether you want to work on a James Bond set, or in another underwater scene that requires a stunt diver, we can help you meet the requirements laid out by the British Stunt Registry (BSR):

  • PADI Divemaster certification
  • 60 logged dives with a minimum of 30% in UK waters (below 12 degrees)
  • Two levels of dive qualification attained in the UK

We can tailor the course package to your current abilities but there are generally two options that trainee ‘stuntees’ tend to go for:


Scuba Diving Courses Required for the British Stunt Register

Sometimes called the ‘zero to hero’, we will take you from a complete beginner to the PADI Divemaster. Our package includes:

Price: £1,775* plus £220 Divemaster Crewpack.
*Does not include any travel, accommodation, entry fees or additional air fills.

If you are already Qualified

Many people doing their stunt training are already qualified divers, so we can tailor the Gopro package to your current certification level. So for example, if you have already done your Open Water and Advanced Open Water then you can join us for the EFR, Rescue Diver and Divemaster qualifications and complete the remainder of the 60 dives.

The official British Stunt Register (BSR) full requirements.

Stunt Perfomer Upgrade Package

To become the ultimate Divemaster and for those training to become stunt performers we have developed an optional bolt-on package to include the following specialties:

  • Nitrox – stay deeper for longer
  • Deep spec – qualify to dive to 40m
  • Full Face Mask – Used by many safety divers and presenters and include underwater communication radio system
  • Navigation specialty – be more competent at guiding and finding your way around a dive site
  • Drysuit – gives you the option to dive in all weather temperatures and to stay warmer. It is now mandatory for stunt performers to have completed a minimum of 30 cold water dives (below 12 degrees). For those completing their stunt course we can offer you free equipment hire to log the cold water dives and build experience in exchange for assisting on courses

Save £627.50

RRP. £1,255. Bolt-on price only £627.50

Why Complete your ‘British Stunt Register’ Training with Oyster Diving

We are one of the largest and most respected diving schools in the country. We are a PADI 5-star IDC centre which means our professional instructors can teach everything from beginner to professional qualifications.

We have 6 heated pool locations, our own lake, and a large team of dedicated instructors who are always happy to help you.

How Long Does it Take?

  • Open water – 1 day pool, 2 days lake (every other week)
  • Advanced open water – 2 days lake (once a month)
  • Rescue Diver and EFR – 2 days lake (once a month)
  • Divemaster – prerequisites 40 dives (you will have around 11 already from the above courses). Our Gopro package includes the fun dives needed to get to 40 and you normally do 2 dives per day. Once you have your 40 dives then it normally takes around 3 months to do it intensively or 6 months if you have other commitments.