Sussex Dolphin Project

Helping to ensure marine wildlife is protected and valued throughout the Sussex coast.

We are really pleased to associate ourselves and work with the Sussex Dolphin Project.

We are working with them on a couple of their projects:
– Regeneration of kelp forests; this will bring better quality water and act as a natural nursery for marine life. Which will intern attract predators such as seals and dolphins.
– Dolphin watching and providing data – whenever we go for a dive along the Sussex coast we ask all of our divers to keep an eye out for anything ‘special’. Through special data sheets, we can report these back so the Sussex Dolphin Project can see the effects their efforts are making.

If you missed the exciting presentation they did for us then please check it out…

If you are planning on diving or going on a boat around the Sussex coast, even if it is without us then please:

Read the Mini Guide

Complete a Cetacean Data Sheet

If you wish to get involved with us then we offer two trips where we will be capturing data:

Boat dives from Sussex Yacht Club

Shore dives from Widewater

These are suitable for every level of certified diver.

If you would like to find out more and get involved further then the Sussex Dolphin Project would love to hear from you. It is a great opportunity for kids and adults.

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