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Price: £45 per session

Do you have an 8 to 9 years old, who is keen to become a scuba diver, but has been told that they are simply to young? The good news is that they can become a PADI Seal Team member, and work their way through several Aqua Missions!

Multiple sessions with a PADI instructor, you child will be able to try on the equipment, breathing underwater, as well as swimming around and playing underwater games! With small group sizes of a maximum of 5 children, the instructor is always on hand for safety and other children help make it a more fun experience. Each session will build on the last, so by the time they finish 5 Aqua Missions, they will be able to do some of the Open Water skills.

There is the option of doing extra Aqua Missions, which themed sessions revolving around different PADI Specialties, such a navigation, wreck diving, and buoyancy. By the time they get their Master Seal Team certificate, they’ll be ready to do their Junior Open Water course once they turn 10 years old!

Please read and complete the forms below and bring them with you to the pool. If you are not sure which forms you should be downloading then please contact us on 0800 699 0243 or e-mail We look forward to seeing you soon for your underwater adventure.

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