Continue Your Diving Education

Continue Your Diving Education

Once you have learnt how to then it’s time to do some diving; the more you do it and the better you get, the more you’ll love it. As a qualified open water diver then you will be able to dive to a maximum depth of 18m (60ft). The only way you can continue to improve your dive skills and as a result become safer in the water is either to dive regularly or gain further instruction.  This is for divers wishing to learn more so they can be qualified to dive deeper and look after their fellow divers.

PADI Advanced Open Water Course

The Advanced diver course is much simpler then the open water dives. There is a little theory and it mainly comprises of 5 adventure dives. Each adventure dive introduces you to a new and exciting aspect to diving; such as a deep dive, navigator, peak performance buoyancy, dry suit, underwater digital photography and wreck. Once certified you will be qualified to dive to 30m.

You can start the Advanced diver course straight after your open water course.

Emergency First Response and Rescue Diver Course

Now you have done a few dives and learnt to dive then for many scuba divers the next step in their journey is to become a Rescue Diver. This course teaches you to be safer in the water, helps prevent problems occurring and how to deal with a problem should one happen. Most divers who completed this course agree that it is the most challenging yet rewarding dive course they have completed.