Hall of Fame

Welcome to our ‘Hall of Fame’ where we congratulate our divers on outstanding achievements. You don’t have to be a club member to get recognised, you just need to have dived with us and shown exceptional ability.

Master Scuba Divers

Congratulations to all of the guys named below who have completed their Master Scuba Diver certification with us, the highest non-professional rating, or as some say “the black belt of diving”.

If you would like to find out about our ‘Master Scuba Diver’ challenge and join the elite then…


  • Catherine Moult
  • Ryan Atkin
  • Peter Northage
  • Pauline Wilson
  • Ben Illis
  • Peter Wells
  • Catherine Moult
  • Ryan Atkin
  • Tim Journeux
  • Toby Moneiro-Hourigan (aged 12 years + 1 day)



Congratulations to all of the people named below who have completed their PADI Divemaster certification and are now professional scuba divers, one of the coolest certifications in the world!.


  • Catherine Moult
  • Ryan Atkin
  • Pol Sitjas Hsu
  • Elliot Colins
  • George Poynter


  • Pete Wells
  • Neil Cockbain
  • Ian Constantine

Instructors and Beyond

Congratulations to those listed below who are now qualified to teach diving around the world to beginners and experienced divers.

  • Tomas Holboro – Freediver instructor
  • Trey Mujakpoure – OWSI
  • Kate Hatcher – OWSI
  • Tasha Simmonds – OWSI
  • Hayley – OWSI
  • Katy Martin – OWSI
  • Elsayed Morad – OWSI
  • Baptiste Ibarra – OWSI
  • Julian O’Loughlin – OWSI

Diver of the Month

This is our special achievement award. that is awarded to customers who have really stood out to us. Either they have overcome their fears, shown exemplary diving skills or gone over and beyond the normal expectations..



George Poynter – George completed his Divemaster course and his 100th dive in Mercers Lake in March when the water was about 8 degrees – naked!