The Dive Apprentice

Hello, my name’s Abbi and I just started working for Oyster Diving towards the start of August 2013 and I’m an apprentice where I’ll be working for Oyster diving for 12 months. I am only 16 and before I started working here I knew nothing about diving, so starting work in something I wasn’t too familiar with, I was a bit nervous. However this is my first ever job so I thought that these feelings would be quite common with people starting their first job. I hope too dive with whale sharks and that will one day that will be me in the photo.

The first day I was learning about scuba diving it was like being back at school, even if it was a few months ago I actually was in school, but even so I was starting to get my head around the theory of the scuba diving course, which I have to pass so I can start my scuba diving. Although before I started working in Oyster Diving I always thought that scuba diving would be quite boring and dull, however looking at it now it’s completely changed my mind and it looks like so much fun, swimming with the fish and exploring the underwater world.  I think this to be going to go very well, of course I don’t know everything, but I’m slowly getting to understand more about scuba diving than I did before, and I am very much looking forward to starting scuba diving, this is all very exciting for me!!

For now I’m learning a lot about the equipment, safety and the dangers of diving and also what you need to do in or out of the water, there is defiantly a lot more to learn than what I though, as I knew nothing about scuba diving before so my mind was very open to what was important to do and what wasn’t.

So far I have observed a diving course, which was a pool party. I helped Mark get the equipment up and running, learning what to do and how it all goes together. This wasn’t too hard to pick up and got the equipment set up and ready for the pool party. As I watched and observed I could also have a taste of what I would be learning when I start to do my scuba diving, which is a boost for me. I am looking forward to starting my diving experience and this could also open up my variety of jobs later on in life, this is something that interests me and I’m looking into going further and maybe learning rescue diving, photography, deep diving and one thing I would like to become is a dive master. All this would take a lot of hard work and I’m only at the starting line of what I could do with diving, but I’m willing to try my hard to get there.

I will also be helping design and make a new scuba shop, where we will be selling diving equipment, this we shall be starting very soon that I’m looking forward to. I did IT at school and am familiar with the common Microsoft and various others. However I haven’t done much that involves a website so this too is going to be a new experience for me. So when/if I leave Oyster diving after my apprentice I’ll have the skills to be able to create an online website as well as being a qualified diver J

I will also being posting another update once I’ve done my pool dive and also my open water dives, which I’m very much looking forward to.

Speak to you then, have a great weekend too.


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