Open Water Dives Wraysbury 10-11th May

This weekend we headed down to Wraysbury for a number of courses. With the weather looking like the possibility of rain all weekend everyone arrived at 9am prepared for the worst. The high-lite of the weekend had to be watching Ricardo (a trainee Divemaster) jumping in the cold water and leaping straight back out. The reason why – he forgot to do up the zip on his dry suit!!!

Once Stuart had briefed everyone and oriented them with the lake and the facility’s we assembled our equipment. After the dive briefings were done Andy, Fern, Jamie and Rosemary jumped in for their first dive of the day. Once weight checked we made our way over to the line and made our decent down onto the platform. We swam around the platform fine tuning our buoyance and went off to see some of the wrecks that Wraysbury has to offer such as London cabs, boats and a bus. Closely followed behind was Stuart, Hope, Julien, Pol, Lee, Haruna who also completed their first Open water dive.

After surfacing the divers were debriefed and a well-earned lunch was needed, by this time the sun was now shining.  We then briefed for Open Water dive two again we entered the water with a giant stride entry, did another  weight check and made our way to the platforms where we descended and did a number of skills. Feeling more comfortable we then went on for a swim where Andy’s group managed to see a huge pike which Fern spotted under a platform, after 30 minutes we made our ascent and exited the water.  Kit de-kitted and packed away and tanks refilled for the next day’s diving we headed to the local pub called the Perseverance to have a drink and complete the log books for the day.

On Sunday we arrived at 9am and Derrick also joined us to complete his PADI Open Water Dives 3 and 4. Having shown everyone how to use the compasses we went in for dive 3, by now everyone was feeling very comfortable in the water and with the visibility being around 3-5 meters in places it made for a great dive. Again we surfaced had some lunch and went in for the final dive where Jamie and Rosemary were enjoying the benefits of their dry suits on the last dive!

Once we excited the water we dekitted and loaded the van where we headed of back to the Perseverance to complete the log books.

It was a great weekend and congratulations to everyone who passed their open water and dry suit courses. Photos can be found on our Facebook page.

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