Southern Cross Club, Little Cayman

Southern Cross Club’s private rooms are situated along 900 feet of white coral sand beach, facing the gorgeous South Hole Sound and uninhabited Owen Island. This layout affords a cooling southern breeze from the summer trade winds and stellar ocean views from each room. Set in the middle of this row of bungalows is Club’s main building. The Clubhouse features the main dining room, a screened, open-air dining pavilion, the Loggerhead Bar and a thatched Tiki bar around the freshwater pool.

Southern Cross Club, Little Cayman

In keeping with the laid-back feel of the Club, the bar operates on an honour system during the day. As the afternoon cools, an in-house bartender is always on hand to mix a wide array of colourful tropical drinks. Both the main bar and Tiki bar provide a great meeting place for the Club’s guests, as well as a few locals, to discuss the day’s fishing and diving as the sun sets before dinner. Evenings primarily feature a la carte dining with an Indian Banquet on Wednesdays and Italian-themed Pasta Nights on Fridays. Choose to eat in the air-conditioned dining room, the screened dining pavilion, or outside, under a billion Caribbean stars, either on the pool deck or on the beach. 14 beachfront ocean view bungalows are each as unique and vibrant as the sea they fringe. All bungalows are coloured to mimic the spirit of the Caribbean Sea. All cottages have private baths, outside decks, and air-conditioning. Some bungalows have a king bed, others two queens. Many have an additional day bed overlooking South Hole Sound Lagoon. About half of the bungalows feature private outdoor showers. The two-bedroom suite, Blossom Cottage, is perfect for small families or small groups of friends. The popular Honeymoon Cottage features a private outdoor shower overlooking the colourful South Hole Sound lagoon. No matter the bungalow you can be assured of a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea, and a beautifully appointed, clean and comfortable beachfront bungalow.

Beach Bungalows

Fourteen unique beach cottages dappled over 900′ of pink and white sand beach, each as charming and original as the guests who return to our wonderful little resort year after year. All of our cottages look out over beautiful South Hole Sound and the gin clear turquoise water shimmers with the sun, and the moon. The turtle grass off our beach is home to Bonefish, Snapper, Jacks, Barracuda, Mullet, Stingrays, Tarpon, and the occasional Great Blue Heron wading in to try to catch lunch. Sit on your porch and watch the world creep by in a timeless procession. 7 of our 14 cottages feature a private outdoor shower overlooking the sound. The Honeymoon Suite sits privately on the eastern edge of Southern Cross Club’s property. Wake up in the morning and gaze over your toes to see the inspiration of the day – the bright, calm, clear waters of South Hole Sound and the barrier reef beyond. The Honeymoon Suite features a private outdoor shower overlooking the colorful lagoon, and even a private outdoor commode overlooking the sound and Owen Island, just a few hundred feet offshore. No matter your personality, if this does not melt you and your partner’s soul, nothing will.
  • 2 Bedroom Blossam cottage
  • Traditional King bungalow
  • 2 Bedroom Queen cungalow
  • Deluxe King bungalow
  • Deluxe King Honeymoon bungalow
  • King veranda suite


Southern Cross Club offers a delightful, healthy menu featuring an eclectic blend of international and Caribbean cuisine. Packages include three satisfying meals per day. Led by executive chef Anu Christopher, their culinary team creates menus that appeal to all food tastes and requirements. They are vegan- and vegetarian-friendly and offer alternatives for those with specific dietary requirements. Breakfast and lunch are served buffet style. Dinner is usually an a la carte menu, often featuring local fresh-caught fish including Tuna, Mahi-Mahi and Wahoo. Guests can enjoy special menu nights including Mexican Mondays, Indian Curry Thursdays and the Ultimate Pasta Bar on Fridays. Head to the Loggerhead Bar for a festive Friday Happy Hour, or to order from the bar menu anytime you are in the mood for something quick and simple. Guests dine in our air-conditioned dining room, on our screened outdoor dining pavilion, on the pool deck, or on the beach under a bright Caribbean moon. We provide you with well-prepared, enjoyable cuisine that enhances your stay — and we can promise you will not go home hungry!


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Southern Cross Club’s dedicated dive operation provides an ideal opportunity to explore the best Little Cayman has to offer. The dive program is designed to comfortably serve both experienced divers with thousands of dives under his or her wetsuit, as well as the novice who wants to learn the names of the hundreds of fish we see every day on our dives. Guided dives at the Southern Cross Club visit all the extraordinary underwater sights of Little Cayman, including the famous Bloody Bay Marine Park and Preston Bay Marine Park, as well as periodically visiting the wreck of the M.V. Keith Tibbets in Cayman Brac. Explore the reef on your own, or join one of our professionally guided dives on a search for critters. Their flexible and professional dive operation offers 2-tank morning, afternoon, dusk and night dives, as well as all the requisite PADI certifications, refresher courses, specialties, and Discover Scuba Diving. There are three rules of diving that they strictly enforce: No Solo Diving, Back on board with no less than 500 PSI, and No Decompression Diving.

Dive Sites

The Cayman Islands have a dive site for every day of the year – Dive365! – and Little Cayman’s dive sites are the gems in the crown of the Cayman Islands. Bloody Bay Marine Park was established in 1986, and has allowed the Cayman Islands marine parks dive tourism to stand head and shoulders above many others in the Caribbean. Achieved through a bold move on the part of the government and Department of Environment using foresight to protect the delicate and diverse biodiversity found in the Cayman waters for generations to come. The management of the parks includes the use of permanent mooring balls and anchoring is prohibited to prevent damage to the sensitive environment below. Research is ongoing across many areas to constantly evaluate the health and effectiveness of the parks. Collaboration between the Department of Environment and many leading universities and conservation groups will help preserve this treasure for the future. There are a huge variety of dive options for our dive guests in virtually all weather conditions. Some moorings are a mere 10-minute boat ride from Southern Cross’s dive dock, and others might be a half-hour ride or more, but you will never get tired of the pristine beauty of Little Cayman’s world-famous wall dives and reefs. It is a Holy Grail for scuba divers from around the world, and you will be spoiled by the clear water, healthy reefs, and huge variety of fish and sea critters found here. If you are new to diving, we will spoil you forever. If you are a seasoned veteran, be prepared to be amazed, and put another “x” in your bucket list.