Marsa Alam Holiday – Part Four


Day 6 – Abbudab Reef


This reef is famous for its turtles and guitar sharks. Myself, Dave and Mike buddied up and made our way to the sandy grassy area where they tend to hang out. In only 5m of water it didn’t take long until we encountered our first green turtle. Cameras where snapping and we managed to get in some pretty decent shots of us hanging out with the turtles. We then found three more followed by 2 guitar sharks. They are quite shy creatures so one of them shot off as soon as it saw Ian approaching with his underwater video camera. On the swim back to shore we came across another couple of turtles, one of which was about a metre long.

On the second dive we headed to the grass area where Dave wanted his picture taken with a Turtle while holding up a sign to his wife ‘Happy Birthday’, this can now be seen on his Facebook page.

We then made our way over to the reef where we spotted a napoleon wrasse, lots of snappers and a few crocodile fish.


Jess, Ian and Natalie decided to head our for a night dive which was apparently thoroughly enjoyable. Most people have taken tomorrow off diving so the drinks were flowing plenty. The Sedish girls came over to say “hi” to Andrew (with a bit of encouragement from Zoe & Andy) but he lacked the same enthusiasm he had the night before, possibly due to a lower volume of alcohol flowing through his veins.

For most people this signified the last day of the holiday and a couple of days lying by the pool lay ahead. Already it has been agreed that we will repeat the November liveaboard trip to the Red Sea followed by an all-inclusive trip to the Maldives next February. Prices and details will be announced on the club website in the next few weeks.


Everyone has had a truly amazing time even though only one person got to meet Dennis the Dugong and envisage coming back here in the next year or two.

Time to enjoy the last of the 30 degree sunshine before we make our way back to Blighty.



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