Founded in the 1930’s as an elegant dinner club, the Bimini Big Game Club has a rich history hosting world-class fishermen, avid divers, and dignitaries alike. The resort offers the best of the Bahamas whether you are taking a break from a fast-paced lifestyle, looking to catch the 1,000 lb Blue Marlin or exploring the undersea mysteries of the infamous Bimini Road.

Bimini Big Game Club & Marina, Bahamas

The Bimini Big Game Club Resort + Marina is perched seaside with views of tranquil bonefish flats and offshore mangrove islands that make up the small island chain of Bimini. This holiday can be combined with a short liveaboard and itineraries include Tiger Sharks, Great Hammerheads, Dolphins, Reef Sharks, Stingrays and Oceanic White Tips.


Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina is a boutique resort situated close to everything in Alice Town in North Bimini. The accommodations include beautifully decorated rooms, cottages and penthouses. The resort and marina guests can enjoy the freshwater swimming pool, shaded hammocks, bicycles, complimentary water sports and LOTS more! The resort also is home to the Bimini Big Game Bar & Grill, Sharkies Bar & Grill, Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center and of course our 75-slip full-service marina.

The Bimini Big Game Bar & Grill is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Perched on the 2nd floor overlooking the resort’s marina and bonefish flats of Alice Town, guests can choose from indoor dining or open-air dining on the deck. The on-site Bimini Scuba Center offers a full schedule of scuba diving, snorkelling excursions, scuba diving lessons and rental equipment. The resort’s dive boat is the Bimini Blue, a 60′ twin-engine glass-bottom boat that transports customers in comfort and is equipped with an onboard restroom. The shop also has scuba diving lessons and specialty training courses available. Kayaks, paddleboards and bicycles are available for resort guest use.

The Bimini Big Game Club Marina is a 75 slip full-service marina – one of the most popular in the region for boating, yachting and fishing. Marina amenities include full shower and bathroom facilities, electric and water 30/50/100 amps, 3 phase hook up, ice and trash service for guest use. The resort is also a perfect place for small groups to meet. With a combined space of 2,100 square feet, Hemingway’s Conference Center can accommodate a group of up to 60 people for meetings, dining and receptions.

Amenities on Site

Dive Centre
Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center. Padi dive instructor, snorkeling, swim with the dolphins, shark encounters, dive the reefs, wrecks, walls, Atlantis Road and more,
Deep sea, bonefishing and offshore reef fishing
  • Bimini Big Game Bar & Grill AND Sharkies Bar & Grill
  • Games including table tennis, billiards and ring toss
  • Billiards, Ping-Pong, Life-Sized Chess, Air Hockey and more
  • Freshwater swimming pool, hammocks, massage services (on call)
  • Shopping
  • Outfitter Shop & Liquor Store for sundries and souvenirs
  • Golf Cart RentalsStreetside at the resort. Go to front desk for assistance.
All accommodations, building interiors and restaurant and bars are smoke free.


The beach in Bimini is on the western shore of the Island. And while that may sound like far – it’s just a 3 minute walk from the front gate of the resort.

Casual Waterfront Dining

Perched overlooking the marina and the mesmerising bonefish flats beyond, the Bimini Big Game Bar & Grill offers the best in casual waterfront dining.

Grab a stool at the bar, and catch Major League Sports on the big screen TVs. With bar tops decorated with colorful navigational charts, pick a different spot every time, and travel down island through The Bahamas on your barstool. Always plan on a good time with friends, and entertainment from the bar staff and enjoy live music every Wednesday, Friday & Saturday.

Enjoy innovative cuisine and the best in friendly Alice Town service. Indoor or outdoor seating? Your choice. The BGBG Fish Sandwich, conch, fresh fish, steaks, pasta, or maybe that Cheeseburger in Paradise? They don’t claim this is where Jimmy Buffet got his cheeseburger inspiration, but they do know their Big Game Burger will satisfy the most demanding Parrothead!

Plunge into the blue waters of Bimini —where you’ll encounter some of the ocean’s most iconic apex predators, like theGreat Hammerhead Sharkor the magical Wild Dolphins, with are two most popular dive safaris.

Great Hammerhead Safari

Season : December through April!
Location : Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina, North Bimini, The Bahamas

The Great Hammerhead Safaris run for a limited-time period each year (December through April) and there is limited-availability, so book now to secure your place on one of the most spectacular dive opportunities available anywhere in the world!

Daily space is limited to 14 lucky guests who will experience these elusive giants up close! Exact departure and arrival times will be chosen by the captain and are dependent on weather and tides. The average Great Hammerhead Safari runs from 11am to 5pm.

Departure from Bimini Big Game Club Fuel Dock 30 Minutes Prior

Wild Dolphin Safari

Season : All Year Round
Location : Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina, North Bimini, The Bahamas

Swimming with dolphins in the wild is incredibly magical. Our ability to instantly connect with these curious and playful marine mammals, on their terms, is so powerful and transformative. The more energetic we become, the more animated the dolphins are in their responses. If we twist and twirl and dive, the dolphins will follow suite, mimicking our every move like a pantomime. Its like dancing with someone you’ve met long ago; it feels so familiar and pure, like being a child again. You cannot miss this experience!

Once a pod of dolphin finds the boat and they are comfortable and engaged, divers will be invited to enter the water. The quieter you slip in, the better your chances become for keeping up! Listen to the captain’s instructions, as he/she will guide swimmers throughout the dive, telling them what the dolphins are doing and giving great tips for a fantastic interaction!

Continental Shelf

The Continental Shelf drift dive is the signature deep dive off the western side of Bimini and the Great Bahama Bank, a chance to take a peek into the very core of the pulsating heart of the Gulf Stream. Depths begin at 140 feet along the edge of the wall, dropping from there down well past a couple thousand feet into the deep blue. The strong currents sweeping north along the vertical cut of the underwater cliff, the depth and the unpredictable pelagic marine life combine to make it an experience suitable only for the advanced diver. The rewards? They lie in the opportunity to experience the unexpected and the sheer thrill of the ride. What will you see? In this territory, you never know. This is the wild, wild west. You toss the dice and see what comes up. But, be prepared, this is the great unknown.

The Sapona

The Sapona, launched in 1911, is a ferro-cement vessel known as a Liberty ship. Grounded on the banks behind a reef called Turtle Rocks by a 1926 hurricane, she sits half exposed in only 18 feet of water. During the following years she served as a staging ground for rum smuggling, late night parties and was a target for U.S. bombing and strafing runs. Later hurricanes have taken their toll on the ship but she still stands strong. Underwater, she is encrusted with invertebrate life and is a haven for schools of Grunts, Blackbar Soldierfish and numerous other fish. Check under the hull at the stern for resting Nurse Sharks. It is an ideal site for snorkelers, divers and U/W photographers.

Atlantis Road

he Road to Atlantis, referred to by various names, is an enigma. Is it a remnant of the Lost Continent of Atlantis or is it a geological structure, simply eroded beachrock? The jury is out. In 1936, noted psychic Edgar Cayce predicted the discovery of Atlantis in 1968 off the island of Bimini. That year, 52 years after the prediction, a pilot sighted an unusual formation of two nearly parallel lines formed of large, square blocks looking very much like a manmade seawall or harbor. Whatever may be, this shallow site is a hugely popular diving and snorkeling location. The truth about Atlantis? Take a close look, feel the vibration and make your own decision after your visit.

Tuna Alley, Victory Reef & The Nodules

Tuna Alley, Victory Reef and the Nodules comprise multiple dive sites stretching from Cat Cay south down a series of small cays generically referred to as the Bimini Cays.. This strip of wall stretches well over seven south of Bimini on the western edge of the Great Bahama Bank. Multiple moorings allow a broad variety of both dive profiles and experiences. Tuna Alley was originally named for the annual northerly migration of giant Bluefin Tuna in the spring.

While the underwater terrain varies considerably, it generally begins with a sloping wall slanting from 50 feet to an average of 120 feet, rising up to a second ridge at around 70 feet and descends from there, bouncing down over a series of reef lines and then dropping steeply away into the depths of the Straits of Florida. All ridges are remnants of ancient shorelines, each defining the rise and fall of the sea levels through time. Most dives are done at depths of 60 to 100 feet and feature highly variegated walls with overhangs, caverns and swim-throughs, all featuring lush coral and sponge growth. Keep an eye open to the blue water of the Gulf Stream. This is the land of big thrills; you never know what may flash up out of the deep.

Turtle Rocks

Turtle Rocks, a line of tiny rock outcroppings off the western side of Bimini, presents multiple faces – North, Middle and South Turtle Rock. While all are very close in proximity, each rocky islet is distinctly different. Shallower to the north and deeper to the south, depths begin at the surface. While there is much to explore near the surface, the actual reef begins around 10 feet and you will not exceed 30 to 35 feet. No, the tiny islets are not named for resident turtles, though you may see a few occasionally. The name comes the large Brain and Star Corals and their resemblance to the backs of turtles when exposed at low tide. You may expect hordes of grunts, strolling Angelfish and Parrotfish, Filefish and other schooling reef inhabitants along with Spotted Eagle Rays and Nurse Sharks. All three rocky islets are fine sites for both divers and snorkelers alike.

Little Caverns

Little Caverns is an expansive reef zone pebbled with popcorn kernel-shaped coral heads, each inviting exploration. The reef is named for the multiple tiny openings in the coral heads. Each and every one is populated by a vast variety of marine inhabitants. Depths range from 50 to 80 feet so bottom time is a bit limited. While they are certainly inviting, don’t be distracted by the large schools of fish, the joy may be found in the smaller inhabitants. Take your time, move slowly and look closely. In this spot, your patience will be rewarded.

Rainbow Reef

Rainbow Reef is aptly named, a kaleidoscopic vision of the underwater world. Shallow and rich, Rainbow Reef is populated with isolated Sergeant Majors protecting their egg clusters, schools of Smallmouth and French Grunts, Nurse Sharks and innumerable reef fish. This is a protected marine sanctuary, thus the abundance of marine life. Depths of 15 to 25 feet and a rich environment make it perfect for both the inexperienced and experienced alike. It has been a long time favorite of pro photographers as it allows for an abundance of willing volunteer marine models and plenty of time to spare.

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Bimini Big Game Club & Marina, Bahamas