Day 6 – Maldives diving holiday

Day 6 – Maldives diving holiday 2014

Today was our last full day of diving so we wants it to be a good one. On the way to the first dive site, ‘nassimo Thila’, we thought we’d try our luck at ‘sunrise’, the manta cleaning station where we had no luck a few days ago. Our guide jumped in first to see if it was worth the rest of us hopping in. She briefly saw a manta disappearing off in the distance so we decided to press on to the dive site. Compared to some of the sites we’ve been to this was probably not the one that will stick out in people’s minds the most, although if you found this dive site anywhere else in the world you’d be chuffed to bits.

At the end of the dive we thought we’d try our luck at Sunrise again just in the off chance of seeing something. A couple of us managed to find a full tank but we were told NOT to go in to deco if a manta was present. As we made our way down to the cleaning station we could see a large group of divers from a nearby island. This meant 2 things:

1. Good news – There was a manta around

2. Bad news – It was like Piccadilly Circus, not to our liking

As we nestled ourselves on the sand we watched the manta circling in front of us. One by one all of the other divers slowly disappeared until there was just myself, Melvin, Tiddles, Ian and our guides. We moved towards the cleaning pinnacle in a stealth like manner in the hope of taking the perfect photo. What we saw in front of us will stay with us forever. The manta skirted around above our heads, paused in front of us like a proud glamour model showing off her assets and did a few somersaults just to show us how clever she was. Every time I took a video clip the manta came in even closer, at one point stroking the ‘solar panel’ on top of my head with her wing tip. Through all of the excitement I “accidentally” went in to deco (don’t try this at home) and made my way up to complete a shortish deco stop – ooops!

The second official dive was to Okobe thila which had some pretty overhangs, colourful soft corals and more schools of fish that you could shake a stick at. My favourite amongst these were the yellow, black and white banner fish that numbered in their hundreds. Hiding on a rock was a carefully camouflaged scorpion fish, not one of the prettiest on the reef. In fact it resembles Melvin when someone steels his towel.

After a plate of chicken and pasta to top up the system we went for our final dive of the day and penultimate of the holiday. On the way there Tiddles took a quick nap on the boat floor while we made our way to Kani North Corner. Kani didn’t disappoint, a few white tip sharks, a couple of turtles, fields of anenomies dancing in the current and a couple of the gang spotted a mobula ray. Under the overhangs were some large groupers waiting to pounce on their prey. Unlucky for them Jess lit them up with her torch that is reminiscent of the old wembley stadium flood lights, thus giving alway it’s element of surprise.

The ladies that leisure have had a very leisurely day reading books, a nap here and there and catching a few rays.

Tonight we watched Expendables 3 followed by Gran Tourino with a few cold ones from the fridge. Even Tiddles managed to stay up for the duration.

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