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Diving in the Maldives

Liveaboard Diving Holidays

We offer some of the best Maldives liveaboard holidays around, including a range of luxury liveaboard options that will rival top resorts in the region. Whether you are looking for a fantastic scuba diving vacation, want to go snorkelling at the various dive sites in the country, or want to have a relaxing experience in a spacious, comfortable cabin, you will find we offer the best diving holidays in the Maldives.

When you choose us for your diving holiday on a luxury liveaboard in the Maldives you will get an outstanding dive holiday and a selection of fantastic benefits from our wonderful company:

  • Handpicked diving sites: When you decide on liveaboard diving in the Maldives, you will also need a scuba travel expert to make sure that you have the best experience. Our friendly, PADI-qualified instructors spend years looking for the best spots, so you are guaranteed to see the finest destinations and get the best value for money.
  • Liveaboards in the Maldives for all experience levels: Our luxury liveaboards are ideal for scuba diving, snorkelling, and even simply relaxing. All boats have comfortable, spacious cabin options, sun decks, rooftop jacuzzi facilities, saloons and much more, which is brilliant when staying in such an idyllic setting. Instructors cater to all levels of skill.
  • Fun, friendly, and interactive liveaboards: All of our diving holidays are suitable for singles, couples, and large groups, and our professional diving instructors are great at making sure everybody has a good time together. Our friendly, expert instructors and crew know exactly how to make your liveaboard in the Maldives unforgettable.

A liveaboard in the Maldives is an excellent way to view whale sharks, manta rays, and other marine life that lives offshore. We also offer options that include resort travel at the beginning or end of your trip, so you can have the best of both worlds. Please get in touch to learn more.

Are you looking for an open water certification to ensure your PADI liveaboard experience is as safe and fun as possible? If so, please take a look at our convenient, great value scuba diving courses and book online – so you are completely ready to enjoy your dream trip to the fullest.

Discover Your Dream Liveaboard in the Maldives

Within our wonderful range of Maldives scuba diving holidays you will find some excellent options for liveaboards that take place on several well-equipped boats. Below we will explore some of the boats we use for our liveaboards in the Maldives, their features and itineraries:

Carpe Diem, Maldives: A Luxury Liveaboard Diving Holiday

Carpe Diem Maldives Liveaboard

If you want a luxury liveaboard offering services like a 5-star hotel, then the Carpe Diem is one of the best liveaboards the Maldives has to offer. This vessel is the flagship of the Carpe Diem Cruise line and is an ideal option for superb diving holidays in the region.

The Carpe Diem comes with some amazing features:

  • Stylish, wooden-crafted boat, famous throughout the Maldives
  • 10 spacious cabins in various configurations, with accommodation for up to 20 guests
  • A spacious, peaceful outside lounge area and dining terrace, perfect for couples
  • A sun deck with lounge chairs for relaxation between or after dives
  • An on-board entertainment system with flat screen televisions and media players
Carpe Diem Deluxe Cabin

The Carpe Diem will inspire you to live up to its name and seize the opportunity to explore some of the most incredible dive sites in the Maldives. Itineraries include some of the following outstanding dives, and there is no hassle in getting to the locations while living aboard:

  • Ari
  • Baa
  • Lhaviyani
  • Noonu
  • North Male
  • Raa
  • Rasdhoo
  • South Male
  • Vaavu

As a top liveaboard in the Maldives the Carpe Diem is perfect for all levels of experience, either for advanced open water scuba diving, casual snorkelling, or simply relaxing on board amongst the calm and tranquil waters of the Indian Ocean. Contact us to book a place on this ace liveaboard.

ScubaSpa, Maldives: The Most Relaxing Liveaboard in the Maldives

Scubaspa Maldives Yacht Night

Anyone who is not keen on diving constantly during their holiday, or who wants to accompany a friend, partner or another group of companions who wish to dive regularly, will benefit from the ScubaSpa liveaboard. This trip combines luxury liveaboard facilities with lovely spa experiences. 

There are two boats, ScubaSpa Ying and ScubaSpa Yang, and they both come with the following features:

  • Air conditioning and ensuite bathrooms for every room
  • 10 cabins and 9 suites on each yacht, with accommodation for up to 40 guests
  • An Asian-style spa that is over 300 metres squared and spread over two decks, with six separate treatment rooms, a yoga lounge, jacuzzi, and other relaxation spaces 
  • Marvellous service from dedicated staff, who can take guests for beach BBQs on local islands, and internationally qualified chefs for gourmet cuisine while on board
  • Diving takes place from a separate dive boat, for a quiet, peaceful atmosphere
Scubaspa Maldives Yacht Bar

The ScubaSpa is an absolute dream for parties where there is a mismatch in skill levels and tastes. Everyone can do their own thing and will never feel like they are missing out, whether they are scuba diving or not. For divers and snorkelers, itineraries include:

  • North Ari Atoll
  • North Male Atoll
  • South Ari Atoll
  • South Male Atoll
  • Vaavu Atoll

The itineraries above include several wreck, reef and safari dives, as well as some local island visits. Overall the ScubaSpa is a fantastic way to see the Maldives, both underwater and above, so you are in for a truly life-changing experience either way. Get in touch to reserve your space.

Emperor Voyager, Maldives: A Large, Modern, Well-Equipped Liveaboard

Emperor voyager

All of our diving holidays provide exceptional dive opportunities, but the Emperor Voyager is a liveaboard that is ideal for people looking to do intensive scuba diving on their liveaboard. As a result, the boat is equipped with Nitrox, available for free, which enables much longer dives.

The Emperor liveaboard is an impressive, modern, and large boat and comes with the following features:

  • A large main deck, with sofas and tables as well as a shaded relaxation area
  • A dining lounge with a sea view and perfect after-dive meals and aperitifs
  • Snorkelling kit rental for non-divers
  • Accommodation for up to 20 guests in 10 cabins, with twin and double configurations available
  • Dives from a large separate tender for more living space on board
Emperor Voyager double suit

The Emperor Voyager is great for people who are diving enthusiasts, as it is so well-equipped and dives take place conveniently from a separate boat. This boat also features three dive guides, for the ultimate experience in local Maldives diving. Itineraries include:

  • North Ari Atoll
  • North Male Atoll
  • Rasdhoo Atoll
  • South Ari Atoll
  • South Male Atoll
  • Vaavu Atoll

Choosing to board the Emperor Voyager for a dive holiday will be a wonderful experience, especially if you are a practised diver looking to explore some of the peak dive sites that the Maldives has to offer. Get in touch with us to book your place on this fantastic liveaboard diving holiday.

Four Seasons Explorer, Maldives: A Fast, Luxurious Liveaboard

Four Seasons Maldives

Stepping aboard the Four Seasons Explorer will give you the experience of a luxury cruise liner alongside world-class liveaboard diving. You can enjoy three, four, and seven-night liveaboard diving trips with an all-inclusive package – so the only thing on your mind will be the diving.

The Four Seasons Explorer is a private catamaran that provides a big, fast vessel with some excellent features:

  • A 39-metre boat with accommodation for up to 22 people
  • Private charters to undiscovered dive sites of the Maldives, which include special shark and manta ray trips
  • Large, bright, airy cabins with lots of natural light from the huge port windows
  • Ensuite bathrooms, cabin sofas, and comfortable linens in all rooms
  • Accommodation for children aged over 10 years is available
Diving in front of the Four Seasons, Maldives

This liveaboard in the Maldives will blend a classic beach holiday with a luxury liveaboard, and it includes many island excursions and impeccable dive sites woven into a bespoke itinerary that you will not see anywhere else. Itineraries include:

  • Baa Atoll, part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
  • Kuda Huraa
  • Landaa Giraavaru
  • Offshore dives for viewing and swimming with ghost pipefish, hammerheads, nudibranch, reef sharks, and whale sharks

Our Maldives Explorer holidays go above and beyond for divers who want to see marine life, as you will have the full guidance of an onboard marine biologist! Aside from the dives and island trips, you can enjoy spa massages, great food, and watersports. Book your place on a trip now.

Blue Voyager, Maldives: A High-Performance Liveaboard Boat

Blue Voyager, Maldives

For a liveaboard in the Maldives with solid scuba diving facilities balanced with comfortable, spacious accommodation, the Blue Voyager is an outstanding choice. With such a good all-around experience it is a great option for top diving and very high levels of comfort.

The Blue Voyager is a 37-metre long vessel with a steel hull that will make for a brilliant diving holiday with great value for money. Features of the Blue Voyager include:

  • Three double cabins and ten twin cabins
  • Indoor dining area
  • Separate bar and saloon area
  • Sky lounge and a deck jacuzzi
  • Outdoor lounge area and four different sun decks
Blue Voyager Sundeck

The Blue Voyager leads divers from a diving support vessel, the Blue Shadow, which is 17 metres long and will keep the inside of the boat feeling more spacious when you are not in the water. Blue Voyager also has a Nitrox system for demanding dive trips. Itineraries include:

  • Addu Atoll
  • Fuvahmulah Atoll
  • Huvadhoo Atoll
  • North Male Atoll
  • Rasdhoo Atoll
  • South Male Atoll

Blue Voyager liveaboards in the Maldives give you a combination of comfort and excellent dive facilities, which includes a dive school, so it is suitable for divers of all levels. Also available are equipment rental, compressors, recharging stations, and two dive guides.

Blue Spirit, Maldives: The Most Traditional Liveaboard in the Maldives

Blue Spirit, Maldives

If you want to embrace all things Maldivian then the Blue Spirit is the best option. It is a smaller vessel than any of the others listed here but will be the perfect choice for any keen divers who want to experience extensive itineraries at some of the most exclusive dive spots in the region.

The Blue Spirit has the following features:

  • A 26-metre long boat with a 7-metre wide beam 
  • A wooden hull, for fast, smooth navigation through the waters
  • A guest saloon
  • Recharging points and relaxation areas, with onboard entertainment
  • A sun deck, with alfresco dining and shaded areas
Blue Spirit interior, Maldives

The Blue Spirit is smaller and can more easily moor in the small lagoons around the various islands of the Maldives. It is not a high-luxury liveaboard, but it is still very comfortable. Due to its size you can see some of the more unusual and less-visited dive sites, such as:

  • Ari Atoll
  • Baa Atoll
  • Felidhoo Atoll
  • Fuvahmulah Atoll
  • Huvadhoo Atoll
  • Lhaviyani Atoll
  • Meemu Atoll
  • North Male Atoll
  • North Nilandhoo Atoll
  • South Male Atoll
  • South Nilandhoo Atoll

Choosing the Blue Spirit for your liveaboard in the Maldives gives you access to top dive facilities, such as a Nitrox membrane and three Bauer K14 compressors. The Blue Spirit is an amazing blend of traditional Maldivian hospitality with top comforts and amazing diving.

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We offer incredible diving holidays to the best scuba destinations in the world, including many luxurious and affordable liveaboard trips, alongside other resort-based holidays in the Maldives. Check out our full range of Maldives diving holidays for more information on what we have to offer.

Are you ready to experience the best Maldives liveaboards you can imagine? If so, get in touch with us today so we can find your perfect scuba diving, snorkelling, or luxury liveaboard experience. Your dream dive holiday in the Maldives is just a few steps away.