How learning to dive enhances your life

Why Learn to Scuba Dive?

For many people learning to scuba dive is a life changing experience. We have watched dozens of our customers quit their jobs, escape the rat race and go on to open their own dive schools or travel the world as instructors. For most of our customers it’s a way of making the most of their valuable holiday time rather than just staring in to the screen of their kindles by the side of a pool.

Diving offers a unique and unrivalled experience combining adventure, adrenalin, exercise, exploration, tranquillity and relaxation. Children as young at eight can experience what it’s like to be completely weightless, and to delve into a world that covers 70% of the planet yet one that most will never witness. Families, couples and singles can all enjoy diving and you don’t have to be an athlete to be a good diver.

An introduction to the world of scuba diving opens up boundless opportunities for expanding your mind and personal development. The education into our world’s precious oceans and the fascinating and fragile environment can spark a lifelong passion spanning personal and career development.  You will discover countless species of marine life as you embark on a journey to discover the underwater world.

As a diver you’ll meet loads of new lifelong friends who share the same passion as you. You’ll also meet a few of strange characters that while they are unforgettable, they probably won’t make it on to your Christmas card list.

Since I learned to dive in 1999 I have been privileged to travel to parts of the world that I could only have dreamt of. Some of my diving highlights are being surrounded by 5 Whale Sharks in Djibouti, diving with dolphins and 26 hammerhead sharks in the Red Sea, witnessing the stunning colour corals of the Great Barrier Reef, exploring the underwater cave system in the Mexican cenotes and the apres diving in Thailand.

Without having taken that first step to becoming an open water diver I really believe that I would still be doing the usual 2 week bucket and spade holidays and returning to my office and after 2 days feeling like I’d never been away.

There are lots of clichés in diving such as ‘you can see more life in a 20 minute reef dive then you can on a 2 week safari’ but they are all because other divers want you to see some of the things they’ve seen.

It’s not just about the sense of sight. All of your other senses are heightened too; there’s nothing quite like the sense of being weightless and flying through the water, the sound or lack of it more like – there’s no mobile phones or traffic, just the tranquil sound of your bubbles and the occasional parrot fish chomping on some coral.

You don’t just have to travel to exotic places either, there is tonnes of great diving in the UK. In the Orkney Islands we have one of the world’s best wreck diving locations with war ships from the 1st and 2nd world war, on the South Coast you can discover sharks teeth that fell their millions of years ago, in Cornwall and West Coast of Scotland you can discover basking sharks – the world’s 2nd largest fish, and in Lundy and Farne Islands you can get to play with seals, probably the funniest and most entertaining sea creature.

Naturally some people are scared of the water and the thought of breathing underwater can send some people’s hearts pounding. Instead of jumping straight on to the PADI Open Water certification course you can do a trial dive in the warmth and comfort of a swimming pool. This helps build up your confidence and ensures that you are suited to the world underwater.

Life is full of people who dream about following their dreams, others actually go out and fulfil them. Learn to dive is for life’s doers!

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