Oyster Diving, the health of our oceans and the environment

Oyster Diving are committed members of PADI (the Professional Association of Diving Instructors), Project Aware and a number of other Environmental Associations and with this commitment comes an ongoing dedication to ensure that a message of respect for our oceans and the planet is passed on to each and every student we teach to dive.

As part of this drive toward eco-education Oyster Diving use every course and opportunity to introduce our students to ocean awareness, the health risks it faces and what we all need to do to try and right some of the wrongs we have done. We do this by taking scuba diving not only to pools with the general public but also to schools, youth associations, scouts, large corporate clients and summer camps.

We also try to demonstrate to people the beauties of the oceans, some of which are not always so obvious. We do this by educating people on the basics of the life and eco systems that exist within our oceans such as the incredible reliance that the oceans have on creatures such as sharks and their place in the food chain, coral and how they and the phytoplankton produce over 85% of the planets Oxygen. When you consider that the amount of phytoplankton has declined by over 40% since 1950 we really need to act now before we run out of Oxygen! Sharks, being at the top of the food chain are absolutely essential in maintaining the equilibrium and balance. If they don’t exist then other predators will overpopulate the oceans depleting smaller fish and sealife to such an extent that the food chain will break down and the larger remaining predators will starve. Without sharks the oceans will die. Currently over 11000 (yes eleven thousand!) sharks PER HOUR (that’s around 100,000,000 per year!) are being killed by humans simply for their fins. This CANNOT be sustained. The Great Barrier reef although over 250,000,000 years old has been absolutely devastated, some say to the point of complete destruction (it is known to be more than 95% dead) through the process which has been called ‘Bleaching’. Bleaching is caused from rising sea temperatures caused by us through polluting the planet and causing global warming – there is no other way to put it. When you consider this has happened in a period beginning probably not much further back than the late 1700’s. So, in just over 200 years, we have killed 250,000,000 years of evolution (that equates to less than 0.0000008% of the lifespan of the reef itself!). How frightening is this?

At Oyster Diving we are passionate about the sport and all that it brings to us. For example did you know that 71% of our planet is covered by water, You are missing out on almost ¾ of the planet if you can’t dive. Of the remaining 29% of the planet only 0.03% of the earths land mass is actually occupied by humans. Sadly we are an egocentric species overstating our own importance. It is time that we recognised that we NEED the planet, the planet certainly DOES NOT need us. By becoming involved in Scuba Diving you will very soon come to realise just how much real beauty there is out there and it doesn’t start with the human race.

Many corporate companies are now coming to us as part of their recognition to encompass environmental awareness and to inform their team members of how they can look at changing the way they behave with regard to the use and disposal of plastics both at home and at the workplace. In the end everyone is saving money and the planet is being given half a chance of becoming a healthier one. The recovery of some of the species currently endangered is still possible if we act now. It is sadly too late for many (Pictured below is Lonesome George who was the last of his species he has now passed away leaving his species of Giant Tortoise extinct). Scuba Diving is a fun way to discover the beauty that surrounds us and also to understand the beauty of the planet we are borrowing from our future generations.

A great, fun and team building way of introducing this into the workplace is by starting up a Scuba Club. Many organisations are doing this with us and for the members there are many benefits we can offer. However for the organisers there are even more! We will help organise the evening events which can be monthly, quarterly or even annually. Obviously the frequency will depend on how much interest you develop but the more often the more likely it is to be received as a positive and proactive event.

Oyster Diving are working with many types of business ranging from larger corporate banks, legal practises, property companies etc. We also work with travel and concierge companies and super yacht manufacturers and charter businesses so our coverage is widespread.

Please contact us and we will answer any questions you may have.

We hope to see you soon.

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