Scuba Diving for Cubs and Scouts

Scuba Diving for Scouts and Cub groups


One of the many great things about being in an organisation like the cubs or scouts is that you get to try and learn lots of new activities. Scuba diving seems to a favourite for many scout and cub groups.

We have taught Scouts and Cubs in many locations around the UK and it’s always fantastic to see the smiles on their faces as they learn to breath underwater for the first time and experience weightlessness.

For many scout and cub groups the PADI Discover Scuba and Bubblemaker courses offer a great introduction to the sport at a very reasonable price. Our largest group was 120 of them in one day! We can take photos for the associations social media and it is also great for the kids to share the photos with friends and family.

After receiving a training and safety briefing the kids start off in the shallow end of the pool where they practice a few skills and get familiar with the gear. Once comfortable then it’s off to explore the deep end of the pool and experience weightlessness. We also try to introduce a few games such as rock-paper-scissors, upside down egg and spoon race (with a ping pong ball) and our underwater frisbee and torpedo are always a hit.

Some scout groups are happy to offer the full open water certification which then opens up the possibility of local trips such as diving with seals in Lundy Island and overseas holidays to places like Malta.

Scout leaders benefit from free places and due to the economies of scale we can offer a more competitive price.

If you are interested in offering diving to your scout or cub group then please call us on 0800 699 0243 or e-mail We look forward to hearing from you soon and getting you all started on your underwater adventures.




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