Why is a Dive Mask important to own?

If you can only afford one piece of dive gear, buy a mask. A high quality, comfortable scuba diving mask that fits your face well, this can make a huge difference between enjoyable dives and a miserable time underwater. Take your time selecting a mask and don’t forget to take it with you on your dive trips; rental masks will get the job done, but having your own mask will make a significant differences in your comfortable level underwater. Make sure you understand the basic differences between the various of scuba diving masks and have a clear idea of what features you are looking for prior for buying your scuba mask and don’t forget most masks now come in a variety of fashionable of colours

What is a scuba mask?

Scuba masks are different from other kinds of masks, it’s created specifically for scuba diving and are made from high quality materials like tempered glass and silicon. These materials are tough enough to withstand the underwater environment. Snorkeling masks and other masks designed for surface water sports are sometimes made of inferior materials, such as plastic lenses that can fog and scratch easily; causing the materials could break during a dive. So it’s best to get a scuba mask which although is designed for scuba diving works just as well for snorkeling and other water sports

Tips on buying a mask:

Don’t buy a cheap mask – They may look the same, but it’s often hard to see. The quality of the silicone, glass it just as important! The mask is your most important pieces of gear, because if you only had a mask you will still be able to have lots of fun swimming around and seeing the fishes, shells and many other things, but if you had every other piece of scuba gear and don’t have a mask, you wouldn’t be able to get into the water

Be fashionable – You’ll find there are lots of masks to choose from, find the one that you like the look of and most masks now come in many different colours, so you can find the perfect colour. Make sure to get a great mask with the features and colours you want and even to match the rest of your gear

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