What is the best wetsuit to use?

A guide to what Wetsuit to Use

As winter is approaching and people are either looking to continue diving in the UK, or are looking to go abroad for warmer waters, customers often ask us which is the best type of wetsuit to get.

The answer is relatively simple but it does depend on each individual as some people feel the cold more than others. For example we have one customer who wears a shortie in 20 degrees where others who feel the cold more would probably wear a dry suit. If you have plenty of ‘bioprene’ then you shouldn’t feel the cold as much as someone who has never visited a McDonald’s.

The two main types of wetsuit are full length and shortie. They then come in various thicknesses of neoprene, the thicker the neoprene the more insulation it provides. The most important aspect when selecting a drysuit is to make sure if fits properly! Too tight and it is difficult to put on, is uncomfortable and could eventually tear. Too lose and the water will flush straight in and out of the wetsuit and it will give you very little protection.

These are the main types:

2.5mm to 3mm shortie – this ideal for people who don’t really feel the cold in tropical warm water conditions around 26 degrees +. They are easy to put on and keep you cooler when you’re stood around on the surface waiting for your buddy.

3mm full length – again for warm water but for those who’d like a little more warmth and if you’re diving on wrecks can save a few cuts and scrapes. The down side is they are slightly more awkward to put on

5mm full length wetsuit – this is the most common choice for divers. A good quality one can be used in warm and relatively cold water. If you get too warm then you can flush cooler water in and if you need to stay warmer then you can either put on hoods and gloves, add a thermal rash vest or even pop a shorite over the top.

6.5mm semi dry / 7mm – these full length wetsuits are great for diving in the UK between May and October. They offer good protection against the cold but can be heavy and bulky to take abroad

Dry suits – these offer the ultimate protection and depending the make and type can be used in the UK all year round and are a requirement if you intend to go ice diving.

If you’re not sure what is best for you then feel free to get in touch and one of our experts will be glad to help you.

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