Scuba Diving and Environment in the Corporate World

How a Scuba Diving Club can Help to Reinforce your Company’s Environmental Credentials

The Environment………….What do you really know about the damage our lifestyles and workplace is doing to it and how the human race is rapidly guiding this amazing planet toward annihilation. All sounds pretty dramatic but sadly it is true. Companies have many policies in place to help conduct their businesses through its corporate activities, hidden in amongst all that is usually something to do with its employees health and wellbeing and also the Environment. This is all usually backed up by its Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR) and its Environmental Policy. All great having these things in place but what is actually done to support or implement these? In fact very little other than the minimum action of having a few recycling bins dotted about.

Here’s where the Corporate Scuba Diving Club can come in and help. At regular intervals the company teams can come in and have a try out at scuba diving. Why? Firstly it gets all manner of people involved, age, gender and rank irrelevant, gelling people together that otherwise would possibly never even meet within the general workplace. It’s a sport that encourages health and wellbeing both physically and mentally and to top it all part of scuba diving is about enjoying the world within our planet that we otherwise would never experience, the world that is our oceans. This then starts to make all of these policies make sense and people will actually start to change habits naturally rather than just being told to follow a lead or instruction.

As a corporate scuba club we will organise regular get togethers and presentations to bring interesting facts and information to the club members, plus great networking opportunities with colleagues within your company. We arrange for speakers to come along from our own team, the latest equipment demonstrations and even special guests from the dive industry, experts in their field of oceanic study. Bringing facts and figures to what is otherwise a widely unknown territory to the general populus.

There are many benefits to being involved with a scuba diving club. Lifelong friendships, excitement and mind blowing experiences are only a few things that your colleagues and peers will encounter with life underwater. This can aid staff retention, morale and inter-company communication. 

All of this this goes a long way to achieving compliance with Environmental Policies and CSR obligations so from a corporate angle the board are usually very receptive.

What you can expect to receive as a club member:

  • Discounts on PADI scuba diving courses including trial dives, open water and professional courses
  • UK dive trips – destinations such as diving with seals in Lundy, basking sharks in Cornwall and World War II wrecks in Portland are just a few of the fabulous dive sites this country has to offer
  • Access to Overseas holidays to destinations such as Malta, Maldives, Thailand, Red Sea and Galapagos
  • Discounts of scuba diving equipment
  • Presentations and club evenings
  • Club organisers get many other fringe benefits too including free ongoing training courses, additional discounts and even the occasional free trip!!!

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