Scuba Divers Can Now Go Camping Underwater in a Portable ‘Tent’

If you’re a regular scuba diver, you’ll know the hassle of having to constantly head up for air, so you don’t die. Sadly, the human body has yet to … read more

Yellow tent

Oceans S1 Scuba Dive Computer

Team Oceans has created a new scuba dived computer complete with buddy communication system which they have launched via Kickstarter … read more

Scuba Diver Under the Water

Scuba-Diving Gear Could Help Clean Up Carbon Dioxide from Power Plants

A new method draws inspiration from scuba-diving equipment. Rebreathers allow scuba divers to stay underwater for hours. They use a … read more

Carbon Dioxide Pollution

Start 2019 Off with a New Hobby by Trying Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is always associated as being a warm weather holiday sport – or being extremely dangerous and not for the faint hearted … read more

Scuba Diving Group Trip

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