Corporate Scuba Diving Clubs – the benefits are there, you just need to see them.

When I begin talking to my friends and colleagues in my old industry, the facilities management world, I can see them questioning what I am doing, trying to promote a dive club into facilities management and the commercial property market. How is it relevant? Well to be honest it isn’t unless you look outside the box, or the bubble in this case! Everyone lives their lives within their very own bubble, very rarely looking at how their very existence is having an impact on the surrounding lives and environment. This is where Scuba Diving becomes VERY relevant. Our very existence on this planet is almost entirely dependant now on how we, the human race, decide to treat the oceans and global wet spaces. How do we get a real understanding for this? Ask any diver and they will tell you all about it; guaranteed! Why? Because we have all spent time in the oceans and so have a greater understanding of the beauty that lies within it and also the utter destruction and abuse we are imposing upon it. This is the message we work so hard to get across to anyone willing to listen. It is therefore essential to get peoples interest up on how we can make changes in our every day lives to begin repairing some of the damage that has been done over very recent times. It is not irreparable but very soon will be if we don’t act now.  

Why corporate clubs then? Most of our time is actually spent at work and this is where most of the messages come from when it comes to our behavioural patterns. Even down to how we dispose of and plastic cups and utensils. Often we see people being told what to do at these places of work but people generally partake purely because they feel they have to comply, this participation is done, very often, with very little enthusiasm. This is through real lack of understanding. Not because of an unwillingness but purely because people just ‘tow the line’ rather than question what the messages are really all about. Mainly because people are too busy to even give it a thought, they just do it. The initiatives we introduce through the fun scuba clubs bring with them messages of why we are doing these processes and so brings into the workplace more understanding as to why. HR departments love what we are doing, Environmental and CSR departments also love what we are doing. Why? Because in a fun way we are bringing the knowledge in to explain what these processes are all about. Through real facts and case studies, some extremely disturbing and some very encouraging. 

At regular intervals we arrange interesting talks and presentations to subliminally get some of these messages across through the medium of Scuba Diving. Let’s face it people are generally so busy these days they give very little time to what is actually going on around them. The introduction of a scuba club will bring together groups of people that otherwise would probably never have mixed either socially or at work, making a huge difference to the overall workplace and its dynamics. 

We would be very happy to come in and discuss your requirements and answer any questions you might have. 

I decided to put some nicer pics in this blog as I am sure we all now know the awful things that are going on in the oceans these days so I wanted you all to see some of the lovely things instead 

Hope to see you all soon,

Happy Bubbles,

Paul Gisby OWSI, Depth Instr., EFR Instr. 

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