The best new year’s resolution

Why learning to scuba dive could make your year!

So it’s the start of another new year and you’ve promised yourself to get fit, lose weight and be more active. Large numbers of people will be starting their new fad diet or joining their local gym. Within 4 weeks 90% of these people are probably going to give up and go back to their usual ways.

What you really need is a sport that doesn’t feel like a sport, one that can get you healthier, lose some weight, is a fun hobby, allows you to spend more time with your friends and family, meet new people, give you the chance to go some exotic destinations and learn something new and exciting! If that sounds like that’s impossible then you have never been scuba diving!

Diving provides a truly unique and unforgettable experience. It combines tranquility, adrenalin, exercise and relaxation. Experience what it feels like to be completely weightless, witness intoxication colours and delve into a world that covers 71% of the earth’s surface; one containing a breathtaking variety of species such as colourful corals, clown fish, turtles, dolphins and rays, in destinations all over the globe.

One the other many reasons why people take up scuba diving is it allows people to travel to places they might not usually visit, away from the “bucket and spade brigade!” It allows you to explore the wonders of the underworld. But why stop there, when you could extend your skills to become an Advanced diver and continue to become a Master diver or even explore underwater caves, do a deep dive to discover historical sunken wrecks.

Scuba diving is a great hobby not only because it’s fun but you can do it almost anywhere around the world. Destinations such as they Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Red Sea, Caribbean, Hawaii and the Maldives will soon be on your bucket list. But what many people in the UK don’t realise that there is some fantastic diving on your doorstep. Wrecks from both world wars, large schools of fish, reefs and some amazing topography make up many of the UK dive sites.

Being able to scuba dive means you can swim without restrictions, if you’ve tried snorkeling then you’ll be able to see some good things, but diving is a little different from snorkeling as you won’t need to return to the surface for air and you won’t have salty water in your mouth for the duration of your swim. Plus you’ll truly feel part of the marine universe, which is an incredible feeling.

Scuba diving is a lot easier than what you might think, as really the only skills you’re going to need to learn is to be able to swim and breath (hopefully you’ll know at least one of them).

Taking up Scuba diving is a great opportunity because although scuba diving is extremely fun it also improves your fitness and improves your body tone. In fact a 30 minute dive can burn 400 calories for an average person. Most divers last around about 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the diver’s experience level and the type of diving they choose to do, it’s not uncommon to burn 500+ calories during one dive. So if you want to be fitter, scuba diving is great, it’s nothing like going to the gym and much more excitable and fun to do!

Scuba diving can become a great hobby, not only for you, but it’s even better when you’re out with friends, but if your friends or family aren’t up for diving then as many people enjoy scuba diving it’s common for people to make new friends. Our lessons consist of a maximum of 6 people per instructor, and often after the lessons we go for a drink wher you have the chance to meet other interesting and fun people. Plus you never know you could find a diving buddy you’ll soon go diving with around the world.

As a final added bonus, having a PADI scuba diving certification on your CV makes you stand out from the crowd the next time you apply for that dream job!

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