Specialty of the Month – PADI Equipment Specialty Course

PADI Equipment Specialty

It amazes me every time I go on a dive boat how many people cannot sort out basic issues with their kit. The poor guides and Divemaster then have to run about the dive deck with an Allen key in their hand while people tug on their T-shirt to get their attention.

If you’re not sure how to put an insert in a dive tank, replacing an o-ring, do a basic repair a tear to a wetsuit or fixing a broken fin strap then this course is for you.

Not only will you learn how to sort out the above problems but you’ll also learn to look after your kit properly which helps keep you safe and prolongs its life.

This a great course to take in winter if you want to improve your diving knowledge but don’t fancy popping on a dry suit.

Oyster Diving would be happy to offer any reader of this article 10% off the PADI Equipment Specialty course. Just contact info@oysterdiving.com or call 0800 699 0243.

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