Refresh Your Dive Skills

Keeping Your Dive Skills Fresh and Up to Date

There’s no denying it that once you’ve learnt to dive, the best way to keep your dive skills up to scratch is to dive regularly. You can either carry on diving on holiday or there are dozens of fantastic dive sites in the UK. Our Dive Club offers overseas and UK dive trips to some fantastic destinations.

Unfortunately if is not always practical or possible to dive regularly. Most dive centres around the world that are concerned for your safety will insist that you have conducted a diving refresher in confined water before taking you on a dive.

PADI ReActivate refresher course

You can complete a PADI ReActivate Course in as little as a few hours. This will take you through the most important skills in the safety and comfort of a heated swimming pool. Once completed we will sign your log book and PADI will issue you with a new card so you can show your dive centre on holiday.

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