Corporate Scuba Diving Clubs – the benefits are there, you just need to see them.

When I begin talking to my friends and colleagues in my old industry, the facilities management world, I can see them questioning what I am doing, trying to promote a dive club into facilities management and the commercial property market. How is it relevant? Well to be honest it isn’t unless you look outside the […]

Scuba Diving from Super Yachts May Leave You in Hot Water

Super Yacht Owners May be Left in Hot Water Ever since Jacques Cousteau invented the aqua lung and shared his incredible adventures with a worldwide TV audience, scuba diving has been a favourite pastime among yacht owners and their guests. Many  yachts are equipped with various amounts of recreational scuba diving equipment these days. Some […]

The Top 5 Diving Holidays for the Super Rich

Diving holidays are arguably one of the best ways to get away from the mundanity of working life. What better feeling is there then leaving your job to fly to a place of tranquil beauty and scintillating scenery and of course, diving! Understandably, it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint where to go for your diving holiday, as there are […]

Scuba Diving and Environment in the Corporate World

How a Scuba Diving Club can Help to Reinforce your Company’s Environmental Credentials The Environment………….What do you really know about the damage our lifestyles and workplace is doing to it and how the human race is rapidly guiding this amazing planet toward annihilation. All sounds pretty dramatic but sadly it is true. Companies have many […]

Oyster Diving’s Training and Club Dates at a glance

2020 Diving DatesSoho pool – every Tuesday from 7th January.Locations are as follows:Old Windsor = Surrey & Berkshire pool Caterham = S.E. London & Kent pool Barnet = North London & Hertfordshire pool Brighton = Brighton & Hove pool Wraysbury = lake for open water, rescue and specialty course training Chepstow = NDAC for Advanced […]