Top 10 BCD’s for Scuba Diving

What are the 10 best BCD’s?

Owning your own BCD (buoyancy control device) is normally one of the last pieces of scuba diving equipment that divers choose to purchase. In my opinion owning your own BCD shouldn’t be overlooked.

It can make your dive much more comfortable than an ill-fitting hire BCD and the familiarity you can gain makes it much safer. For example instinctively knowing where the dump valves are, how long to press the inflate/deflate button, how to drop the integrated weight pockets and where the releases are.

Through diving many different types of scuba BCD’s and feedback from our team of professional instructors we have complied our list of top 10 recreational BCD’s for 2017:

  1. Aqua Lung Axiom i3
  2. Aqua Lung Soul i3
  3. Apeks Black Ice
  4. Mares Pure BCD
  5. Zeagle Ranger LTD
  6. Scubapro Equator
  7. Cressi ACE
  8. TUSA Conquest II
  9. Aqua Lung Outlaw
  10. Mares Quantum

If you are looking to purchase your own BCD then the most important things to consider are:

–          Comfort and fit

–          Has the features you require such as integrated weights, large enough pockets, D-rings, inflation system etc

–          Weight of BCD – are you using it for travel or for domestic use?

–          Future proof – if you are new to diving then your needs may change over the next few years

–          Easy to assemble

–          Style – although not a safety requirement, we all like to own possessions that we like the look of which and give us the feel good factor

If you are looking to purchase a BCD or would like any further advice then please contact us on 0800 699 0243.

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