Scuba Diving for Super Yachts

Scuba Diving for Super Yachts

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There are many dive centres around the world who would like to break in to the Super Yacht market, mainly as they see it as an easy ticket to earn large amounts of money relatively easily.

Unsurprisingly to those who are already involved in the super yacht industry then this isn’t the case. Like all people the wealthy like to get value for money, which means that they can afford to be demanding, be particular, be time sensitive and easy to deal with. This often means many hours of work, last minute changes, turning things around at a moment’s notice and flexibility. This goes against the philosophy of many of the worlds dive centre owners.

Many dive centres also only know about their own region and market. So would a dive centre in the Netherlands know that in the Caribbean you probably need a totally different type of diving compressor to accommodate the high humidity, would a dive centre in parts of the Caribbean and Asia know how to regularly test purity, cylinders and service regulators?

At Oyster Diving we believe we offer a complete solution for manufacturers and owners of Super Yachts. Our services include equipment installation from high end compressors, Nitrox and technical diving abilities, scuba equipment, underwater scooters, servicing, air testing, cylinder testing, training yacht crew to dive, training owners and their guests to dive, providing safety divers, vetting local dive centres and scoping out new dive locations.

If you have any questions regarding scuba diving on super yachts then please do not hesitate to pick up the phone on 0800 699 0243 or e-mail

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