Scuba Diving gets you fit and is more fun than the gym?

Bored of going to the gym or the cold weather? Then it’s time to try a new workout that celebs like Jessica Alba, Sandra Bullock, Katie Holmes and Nina Dobrey. Although scuba diving may seem like more of a fun vacation activity than a workout, scuba diving burns loads of calories while also tightening and toning your body.

Scuba diving provides a full body exercise that combines cardio and strength training provides to burn calories, tone muscles also improving breathing. Although your body is buoyant in water you are weightless while scuba diving, so maneuvering though water requires constant motion by your entire body, thus toning and strengthening muscles in your thighs, shoulders and your core.

In fact, just 30 minutes of scuba diving can burn up to 400 calories for an average woman. Most dives last around about 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the diver’s experience level and the type of diving they choose to do, it’s not uncommon to burn 500+ calories during one dive.

One of the greatest things about scuba diving, and reasons why many reasons why many celebrities enjoy it, is because it doesn’t feel like a workout.

The act of exploring the underwater world and being one amongst a sea of unique creatures and organism is an exhilarating and life-changing experience. Scuba diving provides a tranquil escape form the hustle and bustle of the everyday life, which is why so many people, celebrates included, are drawn to this activity.

While many celebrities go scuba diving in tropical areas, you don’t have to go to a beach to scuba. PADI, which are the worlds largest recreational scuba diving organisation, has more than 6,000 dive centres and resort with 135,000 PADI instructors worldwide. For those who don’t live near open water, you can still learn to scuba die in a confined pool at your local PADI dive centre.

PADI offers a Discover scuba experience for those who aren’t quite ready to dive into the certification process, but want to experience the trill of breathing underwater. For those who are ready to start their certification process, PADI provides a wide range of courses such as Open Water Diver, which can be stared at a local dive centre or online through PADI’s e-learning.

Although you may not feel it underwater, you are actually sweating and exerting energy while scuba diving. So it’s important  to stay hydrated between dives. Make sure you’re getting plenty of rest and stretching beforehand will also help prevent any cramping underwater and will allow you to swim through the waters with greater ease.

Every dive offers the opportunity to disengage from the real world distractions and simply be present in the activity. Every breath is focused, every movement is deliberate. The mind can relax and focus on the simpler things in life – fully inhaling and exhaling, making minor adjustments to buoyancy, extending elongating a kick cycle – all while enjoying the amazing underwater world.

Would you like to try scuba diving? You can gain your Open Water certification course or start with a trial dive first? Check out our website or call 0800 669 0243 for more details.

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