Is Scuba Diving the Best Diet in the World?

Why Scuba Diving the Best Diet on the Planet?

There are currently dozens of new diets around the 18:6, carb free, cabbage soup and so on. However the solution to the perfect diet is pretty simple if you think about it:

Eat more calories then you burn = put on weight

Eat less calories then you burn = lose weight

Eat the same calories as you burn = stay the same weight

The perfect diet should consist of food containing the right amounts of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Reduce your sugar and salt intake and combine it with some exercise and you are pretty much sorted.

On the downside, it can be pretty boring do these things so what we need something that burns calories and doesn’t feel like exercise! Well scuba diving might be the perfect solution!

On a typical dive you glide weightlessly through the water not realising that you might be in fact covering nearly a mile under the waves. Do 3-4 dives per day on a 7 day diving holiday and the miles soon clock up!

Water absorbs heat approximately 20 times quicker than air. So even though you may be diving in warm water your body’s internal furnace has to crank up a gear to help provide you with the extra degrees to keep your normal operating temperature. This equals more calories burned without trying!

They say on an average dive you can burn up to 500 calories, compare that to around 300 calories you burn on a 30 minute run at the gym!

As well as losing weight and getting you fit, diving lets you explore different parts of the world and see some amazing sites.

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