Champions Embark on Cliff Diving Safari in South Africa

It was the Bourke’s Luck Potholes that attracted the cliff divers’ attention most during their quest for untouched take-off spots a month prior to the … read more

Three sharks swimming in the ocean

Will Smith Conquers His Fear and Dives with 13ft Sharks

To get over his fear — which he “blames” Steven Spielberg for because of Jaws —Smith, 50, travelled to the Bahamas to scuba dive with 13-foot … read more

Mountains in HawaiiHawaii Considers Banning Most Plastics at Restaurants to Cut Down Pollution

Banning most plastics at restaurants to cut down on ocean pollution … legislation that aims to cut down on waste that pollutes the ocean … read more

Plastic packagingPlastic Waste Factory Could Turn the Tide on Ocean Pollution

A company that turns waste plastic into material for laying and resurfacing roads is officially opening a factory in southern Scotland. MacRebur … read more

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