Basic Guide to the Best Diving Locations in the Red Sea

Diving in the Red Sea is truly an unforgettable experience. Egypt is the number one diving destination for UK divers and it’s easy to see why!

Egypt has been consistently ranked in the world’s top ten diving destinations and, with sunshine throughout the year and some of the world’s most incredible reefs, it’s got to be seen to be believed.

Egypt doesn’t just offer up incredible diving experiences, it is also an area full of rich culture and history. So, be sure to take a day or two out of the water to check out the incredible historic sites such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum and take a cruise up the Nile to see the Valley of the Kings.

There is so much to see and do here but let’s take a look at what diving in the Red Sea has to offer those of us who are diving enthusiasts.

About the Red Sea

The Red Sea, situated between Africa and Asia, is a seawater inlet of the Indian Ocean. Just beyond the shore lie beautiful shining waters, stunning coves and millions of fish species. With great depths and extensive shallow shelves, the Red Sea is noted for the beauty of its marine life and corals. One of the world’s northernmost tropical seas, the Red Sea is one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world. The Red Sea is a rich and diverse ecosystem. More than 1200 species of fish have been recorded in its waters and over 10% of these cannot be found anywhere else. The rich diversity of marine life is due, in part, to the 2,000km of coral reef extending along the coastline. These coral reefs are visited by hosts of creatures and species of fish, including some of the 44 species of shark.

Diving in the Red Sea

The combination of climate and the diversity of fish makes the Red Sea a good year-round diving destination and one of the most popular diving destinations in the world. With myriads of colourful corals, fish species, ship wrecks and swim-throughs, there is something to inspire everyone. What we love most about the Red Sea is its suitability for all levels of diving and snorkelling. Many resorts even offer their own house reefs which provide safe snorkelling for those perhaps less experienced.

The Main Resort Areas Within the Egyptian Red Sea Are:

Here at Oyster Diving, we are recognised around the world for our PADI diving qualifications. As a result, we have an extensive and carefully selected range of luxury diving and snorkelling holidays around the world that we can offer our customers. Below, are some of the top resorts where you can experience unforgettable diving and snorkelling locations. Below, are some of the most popular.

Sharm el Sheikh

This is the most popular destination for divers worldwide because it has some of the most varied dive sites on the planet and is home to the famous Ras Muhammed National Marine Park. The area is host to healthy coral reefs and a myriad of fish species and is ideal for families, singles and groups.


This marine reserve offers up unique diving experiences with dive sites characterised by steep drop offs, fabulous fish species and incredible coral reefs. The protection of this resort that comes with its marine reserve status allows for an abundance of marine life great diving experiences for all.


Dahab is ideal for training purposes and new divers who are getting their bearings. But it does offer up dive sites such as the Canyon Dive and The Blue Hole for more experienced divers. The Blue Hole, which plunges 130 metres underwater, can be enjoyed here by experienced divers and is one of the most famous dive sites in the world. It is also a popular location for freedivers to dive as well.

Port Ghalib, Marsa Alam

This area is still relatively untouched by the masses and it quieter for those who enjoy a holiday that is more secluded. With some of the finest reefs for divers, it is perfect for families and couples. For more information and an extensive list of diving locations, check out our website.

Enjoy the Red Sea

Here at Oyster Diving we know how important it is for you to experience diving at its best. This is why we highly recommend the Red Sea. It is one of our favourite diving locations and is renowned globally for its stunning marine life, wonderful climate and beautiful visibility. So, check out our Red Sea holidays and give us a call and book your trip today! You wouldn’t want to miss out on such an unforgettable diving experience.

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