What Are the Top UK dive sights

People often ask us ‘where are the best dive sites in the UK?’ Naturally we haven’t been able to dive all of them and to some extend it is down to personal opinion. However, we have tried to compile a list of our favourite dive sites with a brief description as to why we think they are worthy of being in our ‘best UK dive sites’:

Scotland, Orkney, Scapa Flow

Scapa Flow is protected by five surrounding island and from a defensive point of view, is one if the world’s best natural harbors. So it’s not surprising that was once the Royal Navy’s principal naval base and was used during both world wars. At the end of the First World War 52 ships of the German Navy were scuttled here and their wrecks are a magnet for divers from all over the world

England, Devon, Plymouth

One of the most popular dive sites in the UK, Plymouth have a large selection of wrecks, reefs and shoals. Famous wrecks include the US ship Eagan Layne, sunk in World War 2 by a U-boat. Advanced divers head for HMS Scylla. Many consider Hands Deep the best reef with clear water and plenty of sea life on hand

England, Dorset, Wetmouth & Portland

The area is rated as one of the top then best UK diving locations. There are more than 120 wrecks within a 20 mile radius ranging from sailing ships to wartime wrecks. The presence of scenic reefs and ledges too mean divers are spoilt for choice. The sheltered harbour makes year round diving possible. The most famous wreck in the area is the M2 at 36m. This was an experimental WW1 submarine that doubled up as an aircraft carrier

England, Northumberland, The Farne Island

The Farne Island is popular with divers because of the seals and wrecks. Many ships have been wrecked on the Farne rocks over the years, so there are plenty to be explored. Another major attraction is the 5,000 strong grey colony that is fascinating to watch and play with

England, Cornwall, Porthkerris

On the East side of the Lizard peninsula is a shore diving site that is sheltered from the westerlies. It has pinnacles, drop-offs and shallow reefs. Invertebrates are in profusion because of the highly tidal waters. There is also the famous wreck of the SS Mohegan, a passenger liner that sank in 1898. During the summer months Basking Sharks can often be found migrating through the area

Wales, Pembrokeshire, Skomer Island

The Skomer Marine Reserve contains some of the most beautiful reefs in the UK. Walls drop from the surface to over 50m and there are intact wrecks to see, like the Lucy. The marine reserve teems with sea life of many different kinds, including seals at Rye Rocks

Wales, Anglesey

Anglesey diving is among the best in the UK. There are a variety of wrecks and reefs attracting plenty of fish and marine life. There are also many dive sites for amazing pinnacle and drift diving. Trearddur Bay, and Holyhead are popular launch sites and the numerous covers around Holy Island are perfect for shore diving because of their protection from dangerous offshore currents

England, Bristol Channel, Lundy Island

Lundy Island just off the North Devon coast near llfracombe offers  some other best UK diving. There are over 40 dive sites comprising reefs, pinnacles, drop offs and 8 wrecks, including the 1906 wreck of the HMS Mountagu. Lundy Island is also a marine nature reserve and there are many seals, other varieties of marine life and birds

Scotland, Sound of Mull

This narrow stretch of water separates Mull from mainland Scotland and offers some very interesting dives, with the the benefit of clear and sheltered waters. Many ships have been wrecks on the numerous islets and shallow reefs – The Hispania wrecks is a must see. The fast currents mean plenty of marine life can be seen and drift dives are popular. There are vertical drops full of sea life on many of the reeds

Scotland, St Abbs

Some of the best shore diving in the UK can be found at St Abbs Marine Reserve off Scotland’s North Sea coast because of the combination of relatively deep water close to the shore and strong tides. The unique double archway of Cathedral Rock just 50m offshore is the highlight for divers on their first visit and the kelp-topped gullies and vertical walls near the harbour wall teem with marine life. Greenends Gully and weasel Loch at the Eyemouth end of the Reserve are also excellent diving locations

If you are interested in diving some of the best UK dive sites then why not join us on one of our adventures with our Dive Club?

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