The UK’s Best Scuba Diving Magazines

Best Scuba Diving Magazines in the UK


Dive magazines are one of the best places to keep up to date with the latest information in the dive community. They often have offers from holiday suppliers and equipment manufacturers. Tips of safe diving, equipment recommendations and independent reviews can also broaden your knowledge and help you make informed decisions on where to spend your hard-earned income.

To get the best deal most of the magazines offer an annual subscription and often include a ‘free’ sweetener to hook you in.

Here are our top 5 dive magazines in the UK:

1. Diver

Diver is Britain’s largest selling dive magazine and covers every aspect of scuba diving including equipment testing, training, dive holidays and underwater photography.


DIVE is part of the world’s leading scuba diving magazine and includes equipment reviews, top diving destinations, stunning underwater photos.

3. SCUBA magazine

This is the official magazine for BSAC divers. It is excellent for divers who like a UK focus. The magazine is published monthly in paper format and has a good online platform.

4. Scuba Diver magazine

This is the new kid on the block and is run behind the team that used to run SportDiver magazine in the UK which was (before it’s demise PADI’s official magazine). The magazine is currently published every month and as at the time of writing this article we have FREE copies to hand to our customers – please just pop in the shop! It has great features on destnations, UK diving, gear reviews and underwater photography.

5. Scubaverse

This is an online platform that has the latest news and information on diving. It has excellent reviews on equipment, useful videos for equipment reviews, stunning underwater photography, reviews on destinations around the world, the latest equipment reviews. They promote themselves as ‘the world’s best online dive companion’. What’s more it is completely FREE! 

6. Tanked Up magazine

This magazine is run by the Dive Chamber in London and the Midlands so has lots of information about diver safety and medicine as well as trip reviews. It is perfect for the more serious diver and professionals such as instructors and divemasters.



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