Review of TUSA Solla Fins

TUSA Solla Full Foot Fins Review

As all round warm water fins these have long been a favourite for our instructors and Divemasters. The soft rubber foot pocket means they are really comfortable compared to similar fins, this means reduced blisters and less chance of leg cramps.

They are suitable for wearing in the pool and tropical open water dives to destinations such as the Caribbean, Maldives and Thailand. We recommend these fins for our open water students who are completing their open water dives somewhere nice and warm. They get to use and become familiar with their fins in the pool and can also use them for snorkelling when not diving.

The main benefits to the TUSA Solla Fins are:

    • The ForcElast and Angled Blade Design technology ensures that this fin delivers great performance
    • Greater efficiency means you can travel further distances with less fatigue
    • Perfect for warm water diving and snorkelling wherever you are planning to travel around the world

For our open water students we offer these in ‘yellow’ as they are easier for your buddy to identify you underwater particularly if you end up diving in reduced visibility. This smart unisex colour comes in a range of sizes:

Extra Small EUR 34 – 37 (3 to 4)
Small EUR 38 – 39 (5 to 6)
Medium EUR 40 – 41 (7 to 8)
Medium Large EUR 42 – 43 (9 to 10)
Large EUR 44 – 45 (11 to 12)
Extra Large EUR 46 – 47 (13 to 14)

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