Oceanic White Tip Photograhed in Daedulus Reef

See the amazing work of Dr Elke Bojanowski and her Red Sea Sharks Trust. Learn about sharks on one of her amazing Red Sea liveaboard shark weeks.

The amazing work conducted by the Red Sea Shark Trust means we now know even more about Oceanic White Tip populations in the Red Sea as well as other threatened shark species.

Shark tourism is helping to make sharks more valuable alive than killed for their fins.

Thanks to the work of Dr Elke Bojanowski and her Red Sea Sharks Trust, we can tell you that this individual male was first documented in 2014 at the Brothers. He was given the ID-number clo-0786, one of more than 1000 individual oceanics identified and catalogued in the largest database for this species in the world.

He was resighted at the same location in 2015, and then reappeared in 2019, this time in Daedalus Reef.

And this is exactly where he was spotted again just one week ago, by now a fully grown male oceanic whitetip shark.

It is this kind of unique knowledge, that Elke is sharing with guests on her dedicated SHARK WEEKS on M/Y SCUBA SCENE in the Egyptian Red Sea.

None of the other shark-themed weeks can provide you with a similar level of personal involvement in local shark research, years of experience and background knowledge, a consequence of thousands of dives with sharks – esp. oceanic whitetip sharks- in Egyptian waters across the last 17 years.

Interested in joining one of the Red Sea Shark Trust’s shark trips with Elke?

While shark sightings cannot be guaranteed, the choice of itineraries maximizes the chances, and you have the option to join Elke’s informative afternoon presentations throughout the week.

The next available spaces are on the week starting on 27. Nov 2021 from Hurghada, for later trips check here: