Nusa Lembongan Indonesia Dive Trip Review

Nusa lembongan is one of my most favourite diving spots in Indonesia . I think the reason why its so special is because it offers you not only exceptional scuba diving but such a fantastic place to relax and unwind as well. You have the idyllic beauty of a tropical island – think white sandy beeches, swaying coconut trees, lush green vegetation , sunsets that only the best artist could create from red to orange , purple to bright pink whilst you get to watch the huge sun dip in to the turquoise sea . Its quite simply gorgeous.
The diving is also undoubtedly fantastic. A colourful array of mass beauty underwater that doesn’t fail to amaze you . The hard and soft corals are extremely healthy and with that the abundant amount of fish and marine life ranging from macro to palegics, I really think lembongan is a great all round destination it really does have it all . Its no accident that on this trip I had to make a second visit – and guess what I cant wait to return already!
Nusa lembongan is part of a group of three islands, being Nusa Penida and Nusa Cenigan.
The island is very quiet in comparison to its neighbouring island Bali. Its a sleepy tropical getaway – but there is enough to do to keep you busy on land and in the water . There is Accommodation for all budgets ranging from cheap bungalows to fantastic boutique style accommodation. Its all tastefully done with no high rise buildings. Theres is also a great range of restraunts from shacky style places with big bean bags over looking the sea to fancy swimming pools with bbq and seafood delights. The menus are extensive and the choice is down to budget and mood . There are a few roads around the island , but no racing traffic at all. I happily rented a moped and had some off my best afternoons finding beeches and refreshments on route . Balinese massage are not to be missed, at around 7 pounds an hour its a great way to make sure you’re really wound down .
If you want to see Manta Rays this is place which offers all year round Manta action. The two Manta dives sites offer divers the pleasure to witness manta feeding and cleaning stations. They really are magnificent and I personally find it an absolutely magical experience every time. For non divers you can organise snorkel trips – they really come up close so sightings can be great this way as well .
Mola mola ( sunfish ) can be seen here from July to October. They are typically found between 18 and 30 metres, the magnificent creatures from the colder currents come to be cleaned . I was fortunate enough to see one in November out of season, the size was almost overwhelming being longer than myself even with fins on. Width wise it was looking like it could be 2 m wide .
Lembongan is mostly drift dives, currents can run fast so I would put it in the experienced divers bracket. Although I’m sure the dive centres would accommodate all level of divers. Carry a reef hook is wise advice and yes I did use mine a few times.
The visibility was clear, marine life abundant for a healthy mix of Scuba diving, and chill out time I would say add it to you’re list . I don’t just like Nusa Lembongan I love it.

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