Learning to Dive in the British Winter

We have just completed a really interesting open water course on Monday and Tuesday in Wraysbury. Some people may think it’s a bit strange or even totally mad to be jumping in a cold late at this time of the year.

The open water course student ‘Emma’ works for ‘Tim Walker photography‘. They have been given an assignment by one of their clients to take underwater photo of Elephant in Burma! How awesome is that?

With all of her colleagues going on the trip already qualified divers (we just did them a refresher in the pool), you can imagine that she was a little apprehensive at first about completing the open water divers in the UK. Unfortunately she couldn’t do a Referral and complete the dives in Burma as there wasn’t the time or a PADI school nearby.

However after the initial shock of jumping in Wraysbury lake, she soon started to enjoy her dives. The visibility at the time of the year is really good as there is no algae and there are less divers in the water churning up the bottom. The fact she completed the dives in the UK will also make her very comfortable and probably a better diver than if she’d completed them abroad.

If you’re interested in learning to dive in a dry suit then read this interesting article and check out the drysiut course:

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