Emergency Action Plan for Scuba Divers

Scuba Diving Emergency Action Plan

An emergency action plan should be used every time you go scuba diving. This should be handed to the person in charge of surface cover and they should familiarise themselves with it.

Depending where in the world you are diving will depend on what goes on to the emergency action plan.

The emergency action plan below is designed to give our PADI Rescue Divers some of the most important aspects. Depending on the dive site and the type of diving you are doing will determine the exact contents. Therefore you should think about this and not just stick to the template below.

A proper emergency action plan should aid a layman with no diving knowledge on the best course of action to take should an emergency arise. It needs to be clear and concise and not too long otherwise it will take up valuable time.


What is the telephone number of the local emergency services

Where the nearest hospital is and what is the address, this is in case you need to transport the victim yourself. A map might also be useful if the person doing surface cover doesn’t have easy access to a sat nav.

Location of nearby emergency equipment including O2, first aid kit. In the case of Oyster Diving we keep this in the van at all times.

If there is no mobile phone signal, where is the nearest phone?

Have a script ready when calling the emergency services which should include dive site name, exact location, any access problems for EMS to reach the location, is it a diving related emergency and signs and symptoms of the patient. Also tell them any action you have already taken such as providing O2.

You can also include a map of you diving location such as locations of emergency equipment, telephones and access points.

Basic Emergency Assistance Plan –

Local emergency services
Diver emergency service
Emergency equipment
Script “Hello, we have had a scuba diving-related incident. The victim is at , . . We are providing <care, such as oxygen or first aid, given to victim>. Thank you.
Nearest telephone

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