We’re Looking for New Dive Club Members!

We’re Looking for New Members 

Are you a keen diver? Do you love exploring new diving locations while visiting various countries? Well, you’re in luck because here at Oyster Diving we are looking for new members. 
We are a multi-award winning PADI Scuba Diving School with an unrivalled reputation and an interest in all things diving. We always enjoy meeting like-minded people who share the same passions and interests as we do and we could really do with some fresh faces joining our vibrant team of divers.  

A Bit About Oyster Diving  

Here at Oyster Diving, we are proud to be a small but friendly 5-star PADI Diving School and we pride ourselves on our ability to offer customers and unrivalled service. We aim to offer services that are of an extremely high standard and we enjoy making everything fun, interesting and memorableWe also have some of the best facilities and equipment available to us throughout Central London, the South East, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey and Berkshire.  

What is the Oyster Diving Club?  

The Oyster Diving Club is an all-inclusive diving club which welcomes experienced and passionate divers seeking adventure. As a member of our club, you will have the opportunity to travel to dive sites all around the UK and overseas. Our team will take care of you and ensure you stay safe out in the ocean and are given every opportunity to get to know others.  

Here at Oyster Diving, we are proud to provide all the training and support you may need through our diving centre to help expand your diving abilities. This allows you to improve your diving abilities in a safe and controlled environment 

Would You Like to Join Our Club?  

If you are an experienced diver looking to explore new places and mix with others who enjoy diving just as much as you do, Oyster Diving is the place for you! We love meeting other divers who are keen to explore the underwater world and discover new and exciting dive locations.  

Our regular weekend dive trips uncover some of the most exciting diving opportunities in the UK. The Oyster Diving Club offers members the opportunity to dive with Basking Sharks in Cornwall, play with seals in Lundy and so much more. Weekend diving activities are available to members of all abilities as our team are able to support you throughout and help grow your confidence and diving ability.  

The Benefits of Becoming a Member:   

Becoming a member of the Oyster Diving Club comes with numerous benefits. The club is for people who enjoy diving and mixing with other fun, lively and like-minded people. The benefits of becoming an Oyster Diving Member are: 

  • – Monthly pub nights.  
  • – One night per month in the Soho pool to try out new gear and practice skills.  
  • – Up to 76% discount off SportDiver magazine.  
  • – 50% off kit hire.  
  • – 10% discount on all PADI Speciality Courses – gain 5 specialities and become a ‘Master Scuba Diver’.  
  • – Exclusive offers – such as trying out the latest dive gear.  
  • – 5% on all other PADI courses.  
  • – 10% discount on dive weekends.  
  • – Priority booking on holidays and dive weekends.  
  • – Social trips and parties.  

Feel Reassured and Supported with Oyster Diving  

Oyster Diving welcome divers of all abilities. We believe diving should be made available to everyone, no matter your age or experience, which is why we understand the importance of great tuition. All our diving instructors are fully-qualified and experienced in teaching diving to all kinds of people. Even if you are timid around water or feeling apprehensive about the whole experience, our team are here to help and ensure you feel comfortable in the pool before diving in open water. Your comfort and safety is our top priority.  

Contact Oyster Diving Today  

If you would like to become a member of Oyster Diving, contact us today! We would love to welcome you to our team of divers. Become a member of Oyster Diving today and discover diving locations worldwide, new fish species and abilities you never knew you had. It’s also a great way to meet new people and, perhaps, even lifelong friends.  

Quote ‘London Divers’ when you call us today to get your 20% membership discount! Now, that’s a deal! Get involved and call today, you don’t want to miss out!  

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