How to Scuba Dive

We are often asked by our friends in pubs or friends of our other customers ‘how do you scuba dive’? Providing you follow a few basic safety rules and learn to use the equipment then learning to dive is easy.

Can you teach yourself? If you’re an idiot then the answer is “yes”, however I wouldn’t wish to be your insurer. You can find umpteen videos on YouTube, websites with guides on learning how to dive, however you cannot guarantee that they know what they are talking about. You would also find it difficult for any safety conscious dive school to hire you the equipment or take you for a dive around a particular dive site.

Learning with a professional instructor will take you through the most important rules of diving such as:

– Never hold your breath

– Always swim to the surface slowly

– Always dive with a buddy

– How to communicate under water using hand signals

Then it’s important to be shown how to put the equipment together properly, how to use it and getting used to it in the safety of shallow water such as a swimming pool.

Then you need to learn what to do if something doesn’t quite go to plan. This could be something simple like how to clear water from your mask while under water to something more serious like, what to do if you run out of air. If you go down the wise path of learning to dive with a professional instructor then you should never run out of air!

So, can you learn to dive by yourself? Yes, but is it really worth risking your life for the sake for a few hundreds pounds?

There are many ways of learning to dive and thousands of good dive schools that can teach you to be a safe diver and make you feel comfortable in the water so you can get on with enjoying the underwater world.

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