Become a Qualfied Scuba Diver

Learn to Scuba Dive and Sea the World

Have you ever watched programmes like ‘Blue Planet’ and thought, “blimey, I’d love to see stuff like that”. Well qualifying as a PADI open water diver opens up the other 70% of our planet (the other 30% is land) and allows you to explore to depths the worlds oceans to a depth of 18m.

As well as seeing amazing marine life such as Manta Rays, Sharks (they don’t attack divers!), turtles and dolphins, your senses will be electrified as you witness intoxicating colours from pretty coral reefs and experience weightlessness, just like an astronaut.  For those with an interest in history then why not dive an historical World War 2 wreck such as the Thistlegorm?

You don’t need to travel too far to find great things to see. Believe it or not we have same great diving on our doorstep including an abundance of marine life such as eels, crabs, seals, lobsters, octopus, dozens of fish species and even sharks.

Diving is one of the few sports where age, sex and physical ability plays no influence on how good a diver you are going to be. It can unite families on holiday or you could even find your soul mate on your next dive adventure.

Qualifying is really simple as there are 3 parts:

  1. Learn the important bits online. This includes some videos, simple quizzes and a interesting presentations
  2. Come to one of our 6 heated pools and learn how to dive and go through a number of safety excercises
  3. Put your new diving skills to the test with four open water dives. You can do these in the UK with us, or if you have a tropical holiday planned then you could always complete these at any PADI dive centre around the world (called a Referral)

You could be qualified to dive in as little as a few days.

Find out more information on our PADI open water courses here or you could even….