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Zeagle – Because it works. And works. And works

In the 70s, passionate skydiver Dennis Bulin left Wisconsin to settle in sunny Zephyrhills, Florida. (Hey, anything for better skydiving.) He started Zeagle in 1979 as a one-man operation, building parachute equipment and accessories. When he became an active scuba diver, Dennis’ interests shifted from skydiving to sea diving.

Combining his skydiving equipment expertise with his knowledge of sport diving, Dennis began designing personal buoyancy control devices and other gear. His innovative approach to BC design helped Zeagle become a respected worldwide supplier and manufacturer of diving equipment.

In 1994, after over 4,000 dives, Tom Gotterup traded in his 1986 Zeagle BC for a new Ranger. Which still performed beautifully… it just looked a bit rough. That’s the essence of Zeagle’s brand. Effortlessly and reliably. And almost endlessly. We create our products the old-fashioned way – with attention to detail. If we feel something needs extra reinforcing, we do it. Thousands of small details you can’t even see give you the best designed,  most reliable equipment possible.

The people at Zeagle like to go home at night knowing they’ve done everything possible to ensure their products will perform under the most extreme conditions, year after year. They stand behind their equipment and craftsmanship 100%. If you or one of our customers have any questions or problems, one call to Zeagle will deliver the answers you need.  It’s the way they’ve always operated. And always will.

In the 80s Zeagle introduced the Ripcord Weight Release System. In the 90s they patented the Personal Fit System™. Then they produced the first Tech BC for technical divers, which led to The Ranger™. Both BCs shifted the industry (again) to focus on heavy-duty professional style products using stainless steel hardware and ballistic materials. In the late 90s Zeagle also began manufacturing regulators, expanding their operations to California. Yes, they’re bi-coastal.

Many equipment manufacturers simply label products made by offshore factories. Not Zeagle. We design and manufacture almost every component of our buoyancy systems, regulators and other products in our own factory in Zephyrhills, Florida. (Okay, some components we have to source offshore.) This gives us an intimate understanding of construction and quality and makes it far easier to make improvements.

No matter how much they’ve grown over the years, their commitment to quality has never changed. They still create products the old-fashioned way – with attention to detail.

For more details on Zeagle’s products please visit our online dive store.

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