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Diving Mask Recommendations by Our PADI Diving Experts

Dive Mask

Having the right diving mask can transform your diving experience. Part of the enjoyment people have when diving is seeing the beauty of the underwater world, and a quality dive mask provides you with the clear vision to do just that. See the wonders of the ocean clearly through our highly recommended diving masks and never miss a sight to foggy glass, leaking goggles, or poor quality vision again.

Browse our range of diving masks below to find the perfect fit for you. With such a huge selection for quality products, you won’t be stuck for choice and you certainly won’t be disappointed with our products.

Our Diving Mask UK Recommendations

All the diving masks we sell have been tried and tested by our team of expert PADI dive instructors. At Oyster Diving, we don’t sell a product unless we have tried them for ourselves and would recommend them to others. So, if you want to choose from a selection of the UK’s best diving masks, from full-face diving masks, to clear mask diving, and silicone dive masks, you have come to the right place!

What Makes a Good Diving Mask?

When choosing a diving mask, your first priority should be choosing a mask that fits properly. The best scuba diving masks are comfortable with an excellent field of vision. Your dive mask should make it easy to pinch your nose and equalise and should also be easy to clear out any water without a lot of effort

Whether you want a full-face mask, single or double lens, or even a prescription diving mask, we sell them all! Whatever your requirements, we have included a wide range of diving masks to choose from that come highly recommended by our team of PADI diving experts.

The Diving Masks We Would Recommend

At Oyster Diving, we sell a huge variety of diving masks, so you’re bound to find the perfect fit. And if you’re unsure what to go for, below are three of our most popular and top-recommended diving masks.

The TUSA Freedom CEOS Dive Mask

This simple dive mask design is a low-profile and low volume mask that combines build quality and frame construction with superior design. Thanks to the newly developed Freedom Technology, if you buy this mask you will enjoy superior fit, comfort, and performance. Click here to view this mask and make your purchase.

The  Aqua  Lung  Favola  Mask  and  Zephyr  Professional  Set

Are you looking for the complete set? Our Aqua Lung Favola Mask comes with a single lens mask and Zephyr snorkel. A generous lens design provides an excellent field of vision, particularly when you are on a vertical plane. The Favola also makes it easy to manage the accessories that are clipped to your BC. This is by far our most popular diving mask! Click here to find out more about this diving mask and the benefits it offers.

The TUSA Paragon Diving Mask

The TUSA Paragon Diving Mask is a top product, and it looks good too! Three distinct layers of the Paragon Diving Mask frame provide maximum protection, creating a seriously tough mask. UV 420 Lens Treatment helps you dive with the eye protection and clarity you need to enjoy a beautiful dive. Click here to find out more and pre-order the TUSA dive mask now.

Dive MaskHow to Choose the Right Dive Mask: A Detailed Guide

While there are many diving mask features that make one design superior to another, choosing the right dive mask for you really comes down to personal preference.

Understanding the Anatomy of the Dive Mask

Regardless of the diving mask that you choose, it is important you understand the basic elements included in all dive masks. While different manufacturers will take unique approaches in their designs, all dive masks will have the following features:

Frame: Frames are what give the mask its strength and holds everything together in one place.

Lens: These tempered glass panes are what you look through. The higher the quality, the better your vision will be under the water.

Skirt: Mask skirts create the watertight seal against the skin. You want this to be secure so as to avoid any leaking or fogging up of the glass.

Buckle: You use this to adjust the tightness.

Strap: The strap helps keep the mask firmly in place.

The Three Types of Diving Masks

Single Lens Mask

This diving mask uses a single pane of glass that provides a wide and uninterrupted view of the ocean. Single lens diving masks are perfect for divers who want to see as much as they can on their underwater adventures.

Twin Lens Mask

The twin lens mask is basically a single pane of glass that is split into two. While this provides a slightly more limited view than the single lens, this mask is often compatible with prescription lenses, allowing users that wear glasses to see clearly underwater.

Multi Lens Mask

The multi lens mask offers the feature of extra lens panels to the side, so that you can catch movement in your peripheral vision. These extra panels also increase the amount of light that is being let into the mask, helping the mask feel more open.

Dive Mask Considerations to Make

When you are searching for the perfect diving mask, there are numerous factors to consider. Sometimes, there are so many decisions to make that it can all feel quite overwhelming. So, to help make the process easier, we have put together a list of the most important considerations to make so that you don’t miss out on checking the essentials. Discover the top dive mask considerations you need to make before placing a purchase:

The Mask Skirt

If you remember, this is the part of the mask that secures to your face, creating a watertight seal. Not all skirts are created equally and, therefore, it is important to try out a couple to find the most comfortable one for you. Depending on the cost of the mask, some skirts are made from silicone and others are made from plastic, which can be less comfortable.

Diving Mask Frame

Frames come in all shapes, colours and styles. Some mask frames can be folded flat and others hold the same shape continually. Choosing the right dive mask frame really comes down to your personal preference. You need to try on a couple to find the best fit for you.

Dive Lenses

At a minimum, your diving mask lens should be fitted with tempered glass. This is important because tempered glass shatters differently to normal glass. Instead of shattering, tempered glass will crumble into tiny chunks, making it far less likely to cause an injury. It is important to realise that even tempered glass can break if enough force or pressure is applied. So, be sure to treat your dive mask carefully.

Some diving mask lenses are fitted with filters that reduce colour tints and improve the transmittance of light, making colours underwater seem more vibrant. Other lenses are fitted with anti-reflective coatings or corrective lenses. At Oyster Diving, we sell a huge variety of lens types. So, if you’re looking for something particular, start shopping with us today!

Dive maskAlways Try Your Dive Masks On

Just like buying new clothes, purchasing a dive mask that fits properly means trying on a number of different styles. This helps you choose a dive mask that fits comfortably and works for you. At Oyster Diving, you can shop for diving masks from our online store and try them on once you order, or you can visit our shop in Brighton. If you have any questions about diving masks and what would suit your requirements best, our dive experts are here to help.

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