The Joys of Muck Diving and the Best Places to Explore

Muck diving sounds the very antithesis of coral-reef diving. Reef divers swim through a world of colourful coral heads populated by strikingly … read more

Muck diving in the ocean

Best Places to Go Muck Diving

These may not be scenic dives, but they more than make up for the lack of colourful vistas with the sheer bizarre wonder of the fish … read more

Muck diving in the ocean

How Advances in Dive Computers Can Significantly Enhance Your Dive

We’ve all had that feeling — you’re in the middle of an incredible dive, hovering somewhere over an amazing view of the bottom when the … read more

Diving in the coral reefs

I Celebrated My 60th Birthday by Diving with Sharks

My chirpy dive instructor, Lisa, promised that whale sharks, although the size of a lorry, are harmless. “But no creature gets that big from eating … read more

Diving with sharks

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