MY Basilisk, Seychelles Liveaboard Diving Holiday

Welcome aboard MY Basilisk, a unique and special liveaboard in the Seychelles!

This spacious, environmentally designed Seychelles liveaboard is your ticket to thrilling adventures on the high seas. Originally crafted in Canada for North Atlantic waters, MY Basilisk now gracefully sails through the Western Indian Ocean from Mahé, Seychelles. Whether you’re into scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, swimming, birdwatching, or catching glimpses of majestic whales and playful dolphins, they’ve got you covered. Expect encounters that range from serene and peaceful to heart-pounding adrenaline rushes on every cruise.

What sets MY Basilisk in the Seychelles apart?

MY Basilisk is one of the few diving operators that ventures into the remote corners of the Seychelles, where pristine and untouched reefs await your exploration.

Back in 2004, Basilisk underwent a transformation first as a marine research vessel (2011-2014), and then in 2015, she emerged as an expedition yacht.

The owners have embraced eco-friendly systems, including solar electric power, an anaerobic black water treatment plant, a gray water holding system, and not one but two RO water-makers. They’re all about leaving a tiny footprint wherever we sail.

So, grab your sense of adventure, hop aboard, and let MY Basilisk take you on unforgettable ocean escapades!

Scuba Diving Holidays in the Seychelles

The Seychelles, are an enchanting island nation of the Indian Ocean. It nestles northeast of Madagascar and approximately 1,600 kilometers (860 nautical miles) east of Kenya. The Seychelles has 155 named islands. Most of these islands remain uninhabited, serving as dedicated nature reserves.

Scuba diving in the Seychelles is an underwater adventure that promises awe-inspiring experiences. Let me paint you a vivid picture of what awaits beneath those turquoise waves:

  1. Breathtaking Marine Biodiversity: The Seychelles, often dubbed “the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean,” boasts an enlightened approach to conservation. Nearly half of the country is preserved as national parks, allowing endemic flora and fauna to flourish. Dive into a world where sharksrays, and stonefish glide gracefully through crystal-clear waters.
  2. Island Groups: The Seychelles comprises two main island groups:
    • Inner Granite Islands: These 41 islands, including Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue, are home to nearly the entire population. Explore vibrant coral reefs, underwater caves, and fascinating marine life.
    • Outer Coral Atolls and Reef Islands: These uninhabited gems, accessible only by boat, offer pristine diving sites. Imagine swimming alongside colorful fish, exploring shipwrecks, and encountering marine wonders.
    • So, gear up, take a deep breath, and plunge into the enchanting underwater world of the Seychelles!

So, gear up, take a deep breath, and plunge into the enchanting underwater world of the Seychelles! 

MY Basilisk also offers craft tailor-made itineraries – both on land and at sea—tailored to your specific desires. Whether you’re avid divers, nature enthusiasts, or a delightful mix of both, each day unfolds with unforgettable experiences in an intimate setting.

Here’s a glimpse of what awaits:

  • Fly to Remote Islands: Picture stepping off a plane onto a secluded island where our boat eagerly awaits. The anticipation is palpable!
  • Snorkelling with Scientists: Dive into a vibrant coral garden alongside passionate marine scientists. Witness the underwater wonders up close.
  • Meet Giant Land Tortoises: Stroke the ancient shells of giant land tortoises—a moment etched in memory forever.
  • Beach Bar Bliss: Sip a local cocktail at an isolated beach bar. The sunsets here are pure magic.
  • Immerse in Island Beauty: We’ll introduce you to the captivating beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture of these islands and their people

MY Basilisk, Seychelles Liveaboard Diving Holiday

MY Basilisk, originally a North Atlantic fishing vessel, underwent a transformation in 2015. Now an expedition yacht, she features eco-friendly systems, solar power, and two RO water-makers. Their goal: a small footprint wherever she sails. MY Basilisk Cabins
  • Three Spacious Cabins: Each cabin offers privacy and comfort. The queen-size beds can be converted into two singles using a simple divider panel.
  • Ensuite Baths: Glass showers, fresh-water flush toilets, and ample storage are included. Modern Amenities: Individually controlled air-conditioning, LED lighting, and USB reading lamps.
  • Main Deck Cabin: Fresh air flows through two large, operable screened windows.Get ready for a cozy and convenient stay aboard MY Basilisk!
  • Main Level – Salon: Our bright, spacious 35 m² (375 sq. ft.) air-conditioned salon features deep sofas, a large screen TV with digital presentation ports, and a dining area for up to eight guests.
  • Main Level – Aft Deck: This 95 m² (1050 sq. ft.) space is the heart of activity onboard. Most meals are served under the big awning on a red maple table, where snacks are also available, and games can be played. Additionally, this area serves as a storage spot for cameras and dive/snorkel equipment.
  • Upper Level – Fly Deck. After a day full of adventure, relax in sun or shade on top where cocktails are served with the best views of often spectacular sunsets. While underway, this area also doubles as a lookout perch for dolphins, whales, giant mantas, soaring boobies and the occasional surprise guest, an appearance of a sleepy owl, an imperious hawk or other avians on a seasonal migratory voyage.
  • Lower Level – Dive Pontoon - The dive, snorkel, and land excursions are reached by tender from this location. The adjacent Dive Room houses technical equipment including 2 Coltri compressors with filling station and tank racks, 2 fresh water pumps, and 2 RO Water-makers.


Basilisk was designed to Canadian Lloyds III commercial fishing boat standards. Her current owner continuously improves safety and security systems to ensure she is in full compliance with her flag and the standards of the maritime authorities under which she operates. The boat is equipped with two life rafts for 8 and 12 persons, life jackets for adults and children, fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, emergency radios, AIS, a satellite phone and EPIRBS. The crew are trained to manage emergency situations and maintain their certifications on a regular basis. • 2 Radars Furuno • 4 GPS Furuno & Garmin • 2 Navigation Computers • 6 VHF radios, 4 Handheld • Iridium Emergency SAT Phone • 2 Echo Sounders • 3 EPIRBs & 1 AIS • 2 SOLAS A Liferafts (Zodiac & NKTDVL) • Firefighting Equipment • 14 Fire Extinguishers • 12 Adult & 4 Child Life Jackets • 3 Life Buoys • 2 First Aid Kits • Emergency Oxygen • Orange Smoke Markers • Emergency Flares

General Specifications

• Length: 26.79 m / 88 ft • Beam: 9.14 m / 30 ft • Draft: 2.45m / 8 ft • Construction: Marine-grade aluminum • Displacement: 90 tons • Engines: Cummins NTA 855 M; 350 hp @ 1800 rpm • Cruising / Max. Speed: 9.5 / 12 knots • Range: 6000 Nautical Miles • Flag: Antigua & Barbuda • Tenders: Dive support: 1 x USCG Full-Cabin SAFEBoat 7.6m (25 ft) with twin 135 HP outboards and a range of up to 250 n.m., Garmin radar, GPS navigation, depth sounder General support: 1 x Highfield RIB 3.6m (12 ft) with single 20 HP outboard and depth sounder Scuba Compressors: 2 Coltri MCH11 ERGO TPS Compressors, air only Diving Equipment: In view of personal comfort and safety of knowing your own gear, we recommend guests bring their own diving equipment with essential spares. A limited selection of dive equipment is available on-board for guests to rent in case of need. Lead weights and belts plus collapsible dive flags are complimentary.


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Here’s an overview of the exciting activities you can enjoy during our cruises aboard MY Basilisk:
  1. Guided Walk at Vallé de Mai: Explore the natural palm forest on Praslin, home to the iconic coco de mer. This UNESCO World Heritage Site promises an enchanting experience.
  2. Snorkeling Adventure: Dive into an underwater coral plantation alongside Nature Seychelles scientists. Discover replacement species and witness the vibrant marine life.
  3. Sundowners on a Remote Beach: Unwind and savor the magic of a secluded beach as the sun sets. It’s the perfect way to end a day of exploration.
  4. Additional Non-Diving Activities (Available as Extras):
    • Aride Special Reserve Visit
    • Grande Soeur Hike
    • Cousin Island Tour
    • Silhouette Island Tour
    • Denis Island Nature Walk
    • Source d’Argent Beach Visit
    • Felicité Island Turtle Swim
    • l’Union Plantation Bike Tour

Seychelles Dive Site Itineraries

Northern Drop Off

  • Explore Hidden Dive Sites: Embark on an adventure along the northern edge of the Mahé Plateau, near Bird, Denis, and Frégate Islands. These lesser-known spots promise unique underwater encounters.
  • For Experienced Divers: Deeper depths and changeable currents make this area suitable for seasoned divers.
Marine Marvels Await:
  • Whales, dolphins, and giant rays grace these waters.
  • Mantas, large gray sharks, and nurse sharks join the underwater spectacle.
  • Don’t miss the impressive tuna and bump-head parrotfish.
  • Land Adventures (Optional):
  • Bird Island Nature Walk
  • Frégate Island Nature Tour
  • Cousin Island Coral Garden
  • Source d’Argent Beach Visit
  • Denis Island Nature Walk
  • l’Union Plantation Bike Tour

North  Amirantes

The Amirantes, a chain of coral islands, lie closest to the main granitic northern Mahé Plateau. They start at African Banks, approximately 235 kilometers south of Mahé.
  • Island Variety: This group comprises 25 islands, including true coral atolls (such as St. Joseph, Desroches, and Poivre) and picturesque sand cays.
  • Abundant Coral: The coral here is healthy and abundant. Imagine giant gorgonian fans and barrel sponges adorning the reefs.
  • Secluded Beauty: Few boats venture to these pristine waters. Exclusive tourist resorts, accessible only via expensive chartered flights, dot the landscape.
  • Solitude Underwater: Diving here is a rarity. You’ll often find yourself alone, surrounded by untouched marine wonders.

North Grantic Inner Islands

The Inner Islands of Seychelles, the northernmost land masses, remain shrouded in mystery. Rising dramatically from a massive plateau approximately 50 meters deep, these islands abruptly plunge thousands of meters along their steep edges. Among them, you’ll find the capital island of Mahé, along with the nearby major islands of Praslin and La Digue, as well as a host of smaller gems. Here, both true coral and granite reef diving await adventurous souls. Let’s dive into the captivating underwater world of the Inner Islands in Seychelles:
  • Year-Round Enjoyment: The Inner Islands offer diving pleasures throughout the year.
  • Diverse Dive Sites:
    • Explore shallow, protected areas with no current.
    • Discover beautiful coral slopes, mysterious caves, and majestic walls.
    • Immerse yourself in underwater amphitheaters with mild to moderate currents.
  • Thrilling Night Dives:
    • Witness octopuses de-camouflaging.
    • Glide across the decks of shipwrecks.
    • Spot ghost morays weaving in their holes.
    • Swim alongside a whale shark during plankton season.
  • Renowned and Hidden Gems:
    • Iconic dives like Ennerdale Wreck and Brissares Rocks await.
    • Lesser-known, spectacular areas beckon at The SistersArideBirdDenisMarianneCurieuseCousinSilhouette, and more.

South Amirantes

Let’s explore the captivating Southern Amirantes:
  • Location: These islands form a mesmerizing spiral around Alphonse Island, situated 400 km (250 miles) southwest of Mahé.
  • Historical Origins: Once owned by Mauritian families and merchants, and later by the British government, these isolated outposts were initially developed as plantations for maizesweet potatoespineapples, and coconuts.
  • Luxury Island Getaways: Fast forward to today, and the Southern Amirantes are renowned for their luxury island getaways. Expect world-class diving and thrilling fly fishing experiences.
  • Reefs and Pristine Waters: These islands are ringed by reefs, where coral thrives in excellent condition, and the waters remain pristine.
  • Exclusive Solitude: Divers are few and far between, granting you the luxury of having the sea largely to yourself.
Dive into the wonders of the Southern Amirantes! 🌊🐠🤿
  • Best Seasons: March to May and October to mid-November (visibility up to 40 meters).
  • Marine Encounters:
    • Nurse sharks seeking soft beds on gentle sandy slopes.
    • Silver tipshammerhead, and bull sharks patrol these waters.
    • Giant potato bass fiercely defending their territory.
    • Eagle rays gliding in formation near thick fan coral forests.
    • Clouds of humpback and yellow snapper, interspersed with oriental sweet lips.
    • Bump-head parrotfishbat fish, and fusiliers abound.
    • Occasional troops of barracuda pass through.
    • Encounter turtlesmoray eelslobstersoctopuscleaning shrimp, and an array of nudibranch.
Typical Day: 06.45 Light breakfast & gear up 07.00 First dive 08.30 Main breakfast 10.00 Second dive or marine reserve / land visit 12.00 Lunch 14.00 Third dive 15.30 Snack 16.30 Fourth dive or snorkeling 18.00 Cocktails or Night Dive 19.00 Dinner (postponed to 20:00 if night dive)

Cost includes

  • Full-board meal plan* & 2 snacks per day
  • Airport pick-up & transfer to boat
  • Accommodation
  • Roomy, ensuite bathroom for each cabin individually controlled air conditioning in each cabin & the salon
  • Bed and bath/beach linens changed every 4 days
  • Laundry facilities available on-board when not underway
  • WIFI on-board where available (generally near major islands
  • Water, juice, coffee, and tea
  • 1 dive guide for maximum of 6 divers
  • Crew of 4 to 6 members, depending on program
  • Government taxes, port fees, VAT
* Allergies & vegetarian meals can be accommodated by advance request; unfortunately, we cannot offer vegan dining NOTE: The number of dives scheduled daily may be increased or decreased for specific reasons, e.g., weather or sea conditions, surface intervals, no deco limits, etc. ​WE PROVIDE WEIGHTS, BELTS AND STEEL TANKS FITTED FOR AIR ONLY. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN EQUIPMENT WITH YOU AS RENTALS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE UNDER URGENT CIRCUMSTANCES. Obligatory surcharges: Fuel surcharge is applied when relevant Mooring & Islands Fee : 75 EUR per trip, to be paid in advance Tourism Environmental Sustainability Levy : 100 per night, to be paid on board Prices are correct at the time of publication.

Cost excludes

  • Flights
  • Transfer Hotel-Boat
  • Soft drinks or sodas and alcoholic beverages
  • International & domestic Seychelles flights
  • Personal expenses, tips
  • SAT telephone calls (Iridium GO! for emergencies only)
  • l'Union Estate / Source d'Argent Entry Fee
  Optional excursions not booked in advance: Fond Ferdinand, Source d’Argent, bike rental in La Digue, la Vallée de Mai – Praslin, etc. Increases in fuel costs at time of booking per market price Extra services: Cousin Island Excursion : 45 EUR per item, to be paid in advance. Vallée de Mai Praslin (without guide) : 60 EUR per item, to be paid in advance