The Top 5 Diving Holidays for the Super Rich

Diving holidays are arguably one of the best ways to get away from the mundanity of working life. What better feeling is there then leaving your job to fly to a place of tranquil beauty and scintillating scenery and of course, diving!

Understandably, it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint where to go for your diving holiday, as there are so many incredible places around the world. For this list however, we’re focusing on 5 of the most expensive resorts currently on offer across the globe.  Be warned, this list is not for those on a budget! We have hand-picked only the best hotels, beaches, diving locations and overall experiences from around the world, so that you can see what a truly phenomenal diving holiday really looks like.

So, without further ado, here are the 5 most expensive diving holidays money can buy!

Caribbean Diving

Average Price £600 – £1200

Why: Spice Island Resort

This was an obvious choice considering the Caribbean is renowned as one of the most beautiful places in the world. One of its most sought-after locations is the Spice Island Beach Resort that sits in Grenada – one of the most beautiful beaches. The venue is a nod to Grenada’s centuries-old history as one of the leading exporters of nutmeg. The resort symbolises the touch of spice they add to the lives of the visitors that walk through their doors.  However, there is more on offer than just a luxury hotel. The diving element is hosted by Aquanauts Dive Centre which is located on site! So, you’ll never have to go further than your doorstep to experience the wonders of Caribbean diving.

Indian Ocean

Average Price: £750 – £1220

Why: Medhufushi Island Resort & Spa

The Maldives has always been known for its phenomenal beach resorts and breath-taking diving experiences. It can be difficult to pin-point what to pick and choose sometimes! However, we suggest wandering south to find the exceptional Medhufushi Island Resort & Spa. With its 5-star rating, picture perfect views and stunning deep-sea exploration options, this is arguably the best resort in the Maldives. With regards to diving, you’re spoilt for choice. Over 1,000 coral islands make it pretty difficult to choose where best to dive but we’d recommend embarking on a live board, as it’s a truly incredible way to experience more of the Maldives scuba diving options.

South East Asia

Average Price: £350 – £1400

Why: The Misool Eco Resort

Once you’ve visited Southeast Asia, it’s difficult not to go back. If you were looking for an excuse to head back (and you’ve got some cash to splash) the Misool Eco Resort is the place for you. Located in Raja Ampat, not only does this place provide you with unlimited access to the finest coral reefs and phenomenal marine diversity but it also offers a remote private island resort for the ultimate comfort getaway. Additionally, the Wakatobi Dive Resort merges unrivalled diving in a secluded and stunning region with beautiful elegant Pelagian liveaboard. The diving experience here is genuinely superb, not only because of the resort’s location but because of the neighbouring coral reefs you’re encouraged to explore.

British Virgin Islands

Average Price: £2200+

Why: Peter Island Resort and Spa

Known for the famous sailing waters, remote beaches and exceptional diving spots, the British Virgin Islands are by far one of the most sought-after diving getaways in the world.

Though, it is only recently that the British Virgin Islands have seen hotels begin to pop up, some of which cost a fortune to stay in. One of our favourites is the Peter Island Resort and Spa, which combines tranquillity with breath-taking scenery. Originally purchased by an avid sailor in 1978, the island now belongs to his children, and is known for its exceptionally high standards.

There are plenty of activities to take part in within the resort, one of which is of course, diving. The Moorings offer a 6-12 diving package where guests can enjoy sailing on a catamaran around the BVI’s accompanied by a PADI certified captain, gourmet chef and host. The package includes shallow dives, blue water dives and even an optional night dive! The BVI’s are one of the top places for intermediate-experienced divers to explore, with the added benefit of one of the top hotels across the Caribbean.


Average Price: £1400- £1800

Why: Taveuni Palms Resort

The waters of Fiji rank among the best in the world for diving, mainly because Fiji has been crowned the soft coral capital of the world.

Visibility is one of the best-selling points of Fiji’s waters, with phenomenal visibility (50 metres) and the chance to see some of the most extraordinary tropical fish the south pacific has to offer. From stunning reef walls to cave diving and ship wrecks, this is the perfect opportunity to unleash your adventurous side! Taveuni Dive Resort offers a plethora of diving options for you and your friends/partner/family to explore. The Great White Wall dive is definitely their trophy attraction, for more information on this, have a look at their schedule!

What makes this experience even better is the abundance of luxury hotels you can stay in, our favourite being the Taveuni Palms Resort. Set among the coconut trees on the edge of golden sandy beaches, the Taveuni Palms Resort is the only place you’ll want to stay in Fiji. It is one of the world’s luxury accommodation estates for honeymoons, weddings or getaways. The resort is comprised of luxury villas, each of which sits on its own private acre of golden sandy shores, accompanied by its own private pool, beach and personal staff of 7!

The villas all come with hand polished wooden floors, flat screen televisions, music station (with an iPod), and historic furniture that is sure to keep you happy and relaxed.

Without a doubt one of the best staff services in the world, and with the area boasting a fantastic diving scene, what more could you want?

That makes up our list of the top 5 luxury diving hotels! Have you visited any on this list? Maybe there are some that I’ve missed out? Do let me know in the comments below, we’d love to hear about your diving adventures and anything diving related!

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