Are Liveaboards the Best Way to Dive on Holiday?

Why Liveaboards Are the Best Way to Dive on Holiday

For some divers the thought of a liveaboard can be a little bit daunting. Spending a whole week (or possibly longer) on a boat with complete strangers can sound a little claustrophobic. What if you don’t like the food, can you relax and is the diving too intense? These are just some of the questions we get asked by customers who have never ventured on a liveaboard before.

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The main advantage and the real reason why liveaboards exist is that they can get to the best dive sites. Many resorts around the world only let you access the dive sites near them. A liveaboard can literally move hundreds of miles during a trip. Many of the worlds dive sites are only accessible by liveaboard, such as Darwin & Wolf Islands in the Galapagos and Brother Islands in the Red Sea. So by venturing on a liveaboard you will see the best of what is on offer in that region. An example of this is in the Maldives, you can spend one or two days looking at giant Manta’s then the boat will move to the next Atoll where you can see whale sharks and then finally move to where you can get some exhilarating drift dives and dozens of reef sharks.

Most people who tend to go on liveaboards are good fun. Just like any walk of life you may occasionally find one or two people are a pain. As most liveaboards with several decks, seating areas and places to go, it is easy to avoid them.

Liveaboards are diving made simple – your kit is generally already assembled and more often than not it is a case of putting it on, taking a few steps and a hop straight in to the ocean. At the end of the dive the crew normally take your kit off you before you’ve even finished climbing back on board. Not are the staff generally very attentive to making your life much easier they are also good fun and very friendly – they rely on tips.

It can be an early start on a liveaboard to help avoid the rush hour from other dive boats and make the most of your time. You don’t have to dive if you don’t fancy it, instead you are welcome to a duvet dive instead.

In between dives you are normally served a buffet selection of fine foods including local specialties and for fish eaters it can literally come straight out of the sea. Allergys are often catered for and some liveaboards even offer a choice of eggs for breakfast and you can even say how minutes you’d like your boiled egg cooked for. Even the fussiest of divers are looked after (just ask Russell who only eats potatoes and kids food).

When you’re not eating or diving, there is plenty of time to soak up the sun, listen to music or in the evenings there is normally a large screen TV for watching films. However most people elect to sit on the top deck, have a few drinks and chat about how great the diving was that day.

If you are looking to improve your diving then liveaboards are a great way. With up to 4 dives per day and plenty of experienced divers around you, it won’t take more than a few days before your buoyancy and other skills are tuned!

My favourite last night of holiday quote is apparently “there’s nothing better than sitting under the stars on the deck after a great days diving, chilling out with your mates and having a cold a beer”.

So, if you are looking for the ultimate diving holiday then I can highly recommend trying a liveaboard. They are a great laugh and will leave you with lifelong memories. However if sitting by a pool and fine dining are your preference then you’d be better off in a resort instead. If you would like to see what diving holidays we are arranging then visit our holiday page.

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